Readers 70% off Target Toy Finds

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Wow! I received TONS of photos of your awesome shopping trips, so I will be sharing some of them of the next day or two. I love looking at photos because it gives you an idea of what to look for. The weird thing is not all Target stores clearance the exact same items, you go to one store and a game is 70% off and then at another store across town it is still full price.

If you store has been wiped out, there is still a chance you may find some deals over the next week or two. Many times people will return items they changed their mind on or they bought 2 of, so keep checking the toy department when you head to Target.

Now, on to the fun photos!

little tikes Brittany

Brittany found a Little Tikes Easy Store Play Table for only $14.98.   SCORE!!

Target Toy Clearance Miriam

Here are Miriam’s finds! Quite a few people have been finding Play-Doh sets.

target toy jessica

I am totally jealous of the LEGO’s Jessica found. The LEGO’s were only 50% off, but that has been the case pretty much every where. It’s smart to pick up the LEGO’s at 50% off, because they don’t last that long.

target toy pamala

Not only did Pamala find toys at 70% off, she scored a bike trailer at 70% off, it was priced around $47. Don’t you just LOVE Target clearance?

heather target toy clearance

Here is what Heather scored! The 3 LEGO sets were 50% off, but everything else was 50% off.

jp target toy finds

Reader JP found a really nice assortment.    I love the wooden railway set and the Duplo sets.

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  1. I found it amazing how much each store I visited differed in merchandise and pricing. I visited the 3 stores within an hour from me and what one store didn’t have the others had, and what one store had marked to 70, the others were still 30. It was definitely worth the drive, and dragging my 1 and 3 year olds around all over the place. I went to the store furthest from me today(Friday)…the day after the big sale and toys were still plentiful, and I scored one of those Shwinn(?sp) Bike trailers for 70%!! Yay.. And loads of games my other stores were out of already.

  2. the target I shop at was still having issues with their equipment and haven’t been able to clearance the toys yet. So annoying. At least I know what to keep an eye out for with photos.

  3. Has anyone in the Chicagoland suburbs seen any of the bike trailers? I am dying to get one I live in Wheaton so really anywhere within 30miles I would drive to purchase. Thanks let me know!

    1. Hi Susan. I have one of the bike trailers I can sell to you. Let me know if you are interested! Live in Downers.

  4. Keep checking back I went to target this mourning and some stuff was not marked down. So I went back later tonight and even more was marked down. They are also doing the turbo toys at either 30 or half off. If you see the monster high 5 pk they are on a price drop for 29.99.

  5. I scored a Barbie twin doll mermaid set w/accessories priced at $39.99 and scored it for 11.98. I hit 3 Targets and only one Target had it marked down. I don’t know how to post the pic, maybe someone can advise me. Must say that I scored many nice toys especially lego sets!

  6. The Target near me was pretty much a bust. They didn’t have the clearance stuff together like they used too. I did find a Pony Royale for $4.48, a Pinkie Pie baby for $4.48 and a Skylanders Giants Mega Blocks set for $2.58. All were 70% off. I would have liked to have found more, but nothing.

  7. Can someone answer my question?

    I am curious to know about the future weeks of these clearanced items… I wanted to buy a board game I saw at 50% off, but I’m curious to know if it will be 70% off next week, or the following week after?

    Is the 2 week pattern now thrown off?

    What are your thoughts? Or does anyone have any solid info on this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  8. I’ve noticed that some of the toys I check availability on has been changed to Not Sold In Stores. Not sure if that’s part of their clearance process or what.

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