Mine (and my husband’s) 70% off Target Toy Trips

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my target toy trip

My husband is a trooper and he stopped by the downtown Seattle City Target before he headed to work on Thursday. I stopped by the Issaquah location and between the 2 of us, this is what we came home with. Our youngest is almost 9 now, so we don’t need as many toys as we used to, we pretty much just check for game. We love to play games!

My purchase:

  • Star Wars X-Wing Game $11.99 (reg $39.99)
  • Hexbugs $5.98 (reg $19.99)
  • Imaginext Toy Story $5.38 (reg $17.99)
  • Phase 10 card game $3.14 (reg $10.94)

My husband’s purchase:

  • Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots $7.31 (reg $24.39)
  • Ninjago LEGO game $11.08 (reg $36.99)
  • Risk $8.68 (reg $28.99)
  • Puzzle $2.93 (reg $9.79)

The Toy Story toy is for my nephew for Christmas and the Hexbug sets are all individually packaged, so I plan on breaking those up and using the for stocking stuffers and party treat bags.


I was super excited when he came home with 2 of the Perplexus Games.  We own this and love it!   I knew these would make excellent gifts.   I noticed they were only marked down to 50% off.   I asked him if someone was scanning the toys while he was there, and he said “yes”.   I told him he was supposed to bat his eyes and sweet talk the employee into scanning the item to see if it was 70% off.    You know the price doesn’t take effect until one of the items is scanned with their little pricing guns, right?   Apparently my husband didn’t read my tips for shopping the day of the sale.  I’ll still keep him though, he stopped by Target without me even asking.

Make sure you check out the post of readers 70% off shopping trips.    I received tons of photos so I hope to share even more.

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  1. It is amazing what variety people are finding, My favorite purchase was a Mario Chess game. My son is going to love it, and it was only $10.

  2. That is cute, what a good guy to shop the clearance, my husband doesn’t shop because he just throws things in the cart (gasp!!)

  3. Got a lego galaxy squad for $17.98 ($59.99 reg price). I asked one of the employees if they are still going to lower down the prices of toys that are still on 50% off and he said “No, this is the last markdown for all clearance items. And it will last until wkend then we are to box everything and ship it to smaller Target branches since we’ll have new inventory next time.”

  4. Does anyone know if baby toys are included? Like the ones in the actual baby department, I know a couple of toy mat/gyms were on clearance recently… I wonder if they were knocked down to 70% off?

  5. I went shopping today at the Redmond Target and did not see any toys at 70%. Everything was at 30 or 50%, but I picked up two Minnie Bowtique type of toys. Which Targets have 70% off?

  6. Shelves were just about cleaned out by 10 AM Thursday morning. Does anyone know if you can actually get the clearance prices late the night before? One item I did get was marked $13. and was actually $5 when I got to the register like the tip said.

  7. It is funny how things are priced differently in different parts of the country. I got that Lego Ningago game too and It was was only $8.98 for me. 70% off $29.99.

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