Readers find LEGO Sets at 70% off

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lego movie set

Tammi found The LEGO Movie  Cloud Coukoo Palace LEGO set marked down to 70% off.    She got it for only $5.98.    It seriously makes me giddy when people find stuff at 70% off, but when they are LEGO sets I really get excited.    We love LEGOs at our house and especially love them when they are 70% off.

lego city

Aarthi found this LEGO City set for only $5.98, which is also 70% off. Many people have reported finding this LEGO on the regular aisle, there is no clearance sticker and the shelf tag says $5.98. This set regularly retails for $19.99, so make sure to check for this one when you head to the store.

Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location, but I thought these were great deals and totally worth giving you all a heads up!   Let us know if anybody else finds LEGOs on clearance at their store too.

Thanks Tammi & Aarthi!

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  1. I went over to the Target near me and scored 3 of the Firetrucks (#60002) at $5.98 each. WOOHOO!! No clearance sticker but instead the price on the shelf stated price as $5.98. WOOHOO!! My oldest has this truck and his little brother loves it so now he will have his own. The others will be for Birthday presents!!

  2. I did a price scan of the lego fire trucks and it didn’t come up in Nashua, NH. I was disappointed to say the least. I thought I finally got lucky with the last remaining one!

  3. I found 3 of the fire trucks today, $5.98 and no mention of any sale. I was hoping someone else would come down the aisle looking, so I could pay it forward and share the deal. thanks!!!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I found 2 of the firetrucks this morning, I went first thing. Price on shelf sticker was 5.98. Takes care of 2 nephews for Christmas. Yay!

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