New & Exciting Finds at Target – October 2013

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I thought it would be fun to post some photos of items that are new and exciting at Target each month.    Here are some of the new items I found for the month of October. If you like these photos, make sure you follow All Things Target on Instagram, I share lots of photos from Target all month long.

new at target vintage lighting

new at target lighting

First, I am starting with my favorite!    Target has these new vintage lamps and bulb.  These are too cool!  I want to buy the ceiling ones for my office soooo bad, but I don’t actually have an office yet (need to wait for 2 kids to move out) and my husband would have a cow because I am sure they wouldn’t be fun to hang. I’m not letting the 2nd reason stop me, but the first one might.   I found these at my store on an end cap near the lightbulbs, they weren’t over by the aisle where all the lamps and shades are.  

lunch box

Next up, we have bright new storage and gift boxes for the holiday. I really love the bright colors of these and I love that they are just plain fun. I adore these lunch box storage cases. There are tons of items in this line, check them out below.

bright fun target


storage 2

storage 3

storage 5

storage 6

cherokee set

With the changing of the seasons and the holidays coming soon there are a ton of new clothing items. I don’t have a little girl anymore (mine’s 13 now), but I couldn’t resist taking photos of these adorable items I found in the infant/toddler department.

infant sweater dresses

I though these sweater dresses were sweet too!

bath canister

These new bath canisters caught my eye, they come in a silver tone too.

home decor white

There are some new home decor items, I love the white/grey and silver. I particularly love that Chevron frame. Many of these items also come in red and black.

home decor

home decor red

So, there you have it, a little peek into some of the new finds you may see at your Target store. I’d love to hear if you think any of these items may end up in your shopping cart.

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  1. I have to comment (and I never do that because most of the time I’m at work when I look at this stuff – TMI:)), but I’m so happy I found your blog. You are amazing!!! I follow you on bloglovin’ and IG now. Man.. I may end up spending way to much at Target (but also saving too :)).

    Continue the great work!!!

  2. I love the idea of seeing what is new…..keep it up! My Target is smaller than the average, but then some of these items aren’t in places I normally shop. Love the lunch box cases- they are on my list to find!

  3. Hi! I just came across this post online because I’m searching everywhere for the bottom right lamp base on your first picture (glass bowl). I bought the vintage lightbulbs, and when I went back to buy the lamp they were already gone. Do you happen to remember what that particular lamp was called or even the brand? Thanks for your help!


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