My Weekly Target Shopping Trip

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Here are the items I picked up at Target this week (a few of the items were from last week too).   I didn’t get to Target soon enough to get any of the great 90% off Valentine deals you all were finding, but I am totally happy with all of the items I picked up at 70% off.    We are in the process of redoing my daughters room so several of these item are for that.

shop trip art

I was thrilled to find the “I Love” art, which I almost considered paying full price for when I first saw it. Waiting paid off!

  • Joy Art $5.98   (reg $19.99)
  • Jar Art   (reg $19.99)
  • I Love Art $7.48   (reg $24.99)

shop trip art 2

I picked up all of these items for 70% off, they will all be part of my daughters new room.    I can’t wait to show you when we are done, so many items in the room were bought at Target for 70% off.    I’m so excited to see the end result (not excited for the painting part – I hate painting!)

  • Mirror Frame $2.98   (reg $9.99)
  • Clock $5.98   (reg $19.99)
  • White Floral Metal Photo holder $5.08  (reg $17.99)
  • Photo Wall Holder $4.48   (reg $16.99)

shop trip lamp

  • Lamp  $5.98   (reg $19.99)
  • Lamp  $5.98   (reg $19.99)
  • Lamp Shade  $3.88  (reg $12.99)  The black shade won’t work, so I bough this one.



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  1. Everything is so cute! My store didn’t carry these. Can’t believe you didn’t catch any of the 90% val…such willpower. Love love these haul posts :). Today I didn’t find much clearance, just a red Merona wristlet at 70% for Mother’s Day gift. Oh also a set of Up and Up scissors which were at 50% and i used the $1 off school supplies mq that came out today, so 14c. They are taking foooooorever in further marking down comforter sets, toddler shoes, towels, dishtowels, tablecloths. There wasn’t much at 70% and that’s what I like to see and afford lol. Had to smile going thru the Easter section….brought back memories of my first big target holiday clearance last year. LOVE TARGET :))

  2. oh my! you know what! i am actually just like you! we are decorating my room and the living room… and i found so many wall decor stickers to match with the room i found them at 50% off and 1 at 70% off and one i got from amazon along time ago! cant wait to paint everything and put up my target clearance finds hehehehe!

  3. I went to my local CA target yesterday and I found the “I Love” chalkboard and the “Joy” artwork, and neither were marks down at all. I took them to a worker to scan and they came up at normal price. Do you know why this is?

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