My Husbands 70% off Target Toy Finds

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My husband usually stops at the Southcenter Target on his way to work so he can let me know if the toys are in fact 70% off .   He started doing this for me years ago, so I wouldn’t have to drag out all of my young children if the markdown hadn’t actually taken place.   While he is there he will also do some shopping, which was nice.

I now have all of you wonderful people that let me know if the markdown has taken place, so its not really necessary for my husband to stop and check if they toys have been marked down.  (Shh!  I haven’t told him that).   Besides, he is just a like big kid anyways and I think he actually enjoys shopping for cheap toys.

My plan was to head to one store after I got my youngest on the bus, but at 7:50, I get a call from one of my older boys who was heading to school (him and his brother go to the local community college) and it went something like this:

Son:  Hi Mom!   The car died.

Me:  Seriously?  Are you joking with me?

Son:  No

Me:  Do you know what today is?

Son: Thursday?

Me:  No, it’s Target toy clearance day. (I guess it was actually Thursday also)

Son: and?

Me:  How far away are you from the school?  Can you walk the rest of the way?   (I’m only kidding, I didn’t actually say that!  I may have thought it though.)    I actually said “Let me get your sister on the bus and then I will come rescue you two.”

So, by the time I helped my boys and got the youngest to school I was getting a really late start.   I didn’t think I would find too much by the time I got to the store, so I think my husband took pity on me and he actually stopped at a second Target on his way to work.  (I am pretty sure the real reason is because he kind of has fun shopping for 70% off toys).   Here is what he picked up or our family:

  • Crayola Digital Light Designer $14.98 (reg $49.99)  MY FAVE!
  • LEGO Hero Factory $10.48 (reg $34.99)  ANOTHER FAVE!
  • LEGO Ninjago Battle Arena $5.98 (reg $19.99)
  • Would You Rather Game $5.98 (reg $19.99)
  • Spy Net Voice Changer $5.98 (reg $19.99)
  • Phase 10 Card Game $3.56 (reg $10.49)
  • Cranium Brain Breaks $3.88 (reg $12.99)
  • LEGO City Police $3.28 (reg $10.99)
  • (2) Hot Wheels High-Speed Wheels $ .65 (reg $2.19)
  • (5) Bicycle Playing Cards $ .95 (reg $3.19)

Here are the items he picked up for my sister and her family.   I usually help out my sister each time this sale comes around, but my husband was a trooper and he shopped for me (for my sister).

  • Fisher-Price Rev ‘N Go Stunt Garage $13.48 (reg $44.99)
  • Fisher-Price Rev ‘N Go $7.48 (reg $24.99)
  • Fisher-Price Rev ‘N Go Car $2.08 (reg $6.99)
  • Little People Batcave $11.75 (reg $39.19)
  • Imaginext Windscorpion $5.38 (reg $17.99)
  • Imaginext Sea Stinger $4.13 (reg $13.79)
  • Mater’s Garage $7.48 (reg $24.99)
  • Mega Bloks Halo set $10.88 (reg 36.29)

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  1. Will Target give you the difference if something goes on sale within the same week you bought it? I bought the rev n go garage last Sunday for $22.

    1. Sort of. If you can find the toy already at the store, you can buy it at the clearance price and return the one you bought at the higher price. If there’s not another one at the store, you can return the first one and re-buy it, but you’ll have to wait for it to go back out on the floor from guest service. Depending on the store and how often they have team members running merchandise back out to the floor, this may or may not take awhile. You can’t automatically re-buy it from from guest service at the clearance price when you return it. (I work the guest service department at Target) also be sure to have your receipt or the card you bought it with, otherwise they can only refund you for store credit at the lowest recent sale price (which would be the current 70% off clearance price….which would save you no money 😉

  2. Gotta tell ya, so excited about shopping yesterday, I went to four targets and did pretty good. When my husband got home from work I was so excited to show him my finds (He really doesn’t care but plays along). I slipped on the bottom step of my stairs fell and go figure broke a bone in my foot. Now I am laid up for 4-6 weeks. My husband said does this mean I have to go shopping for you. I said yep maybe those baby carts that hold two kids will hold me and my son and he can push us around. He did not find that very funny. Funny thing is I am totally serious! At least I got the toy clearance before my foot got damaged.

  3. If you can find one on clearance, you can purchase it and then return it with the reciept you payed full price with. I don’t think that is dishonest, but you have to be lucky enough to fine one on clearance.

  4. I went to a Target near me yesterday and scored, tried another Target today with my16 month twins. Girl was in the top seat, buckled, boy was in the basket. He is my mellow baby, he was standing while I was looking at the toy clearance and he flipped out. He cried, but seemed fine, I was shaking, took him to the dr. to make sure he was ok. He is fine, but I was traumatized and still am! Moral of the story, if the double cart is unavailable, no shopping for me, or I just go ALONE! ugh….

    1. Oh no!!! I am glad he is OK. I understand that “shaken up” feeling, it takes awhile to recover from something like that.

  5. I’m new to the “coupon and savings” world, how do you find these markdowns? Is it going to be on end caps or in a different area of the store or is it a hit and miss kind of situation? I apologize if you already discussed this I might have overlooked the info. Thanks in advance.

    1. Ask for help and then you find it, lol. Sorry I found the link on your navigation bar with the info. Thank you for your help.

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