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I received lots of photos this week of readers Target shopping trip and so I am sharing some of them with you today. Keep in mind that many of these trips include Halloween clearance merchandise that is no longer available at Target stores, but I think it’s still fun to see what other were able to buy.

trip mbf

Mbf was able to get Converse shoes for only $6.68 after $5 off coupon.    Super deal!

trip mbf 2

More finds from Mbf, and I am totally jealous of the Clif Kid ZBars.   A 12-pack of these bars for only $1.79 is a major steal!

trip mbf 3

Even more Halloween finds from Mbf.

trip stephanie

Stephanie from Surviving as a Mom was able to find quite a few great items at 90% off. Do you see that little bagged LEGO she scored. Awesome!

trip Dana

I am totally jealous of the boxes of Pirate’s booty that Dana was able to find. We love this stuff! She scored, because these 20-count boxes were only $2.06 each. Wow!

trip Suezanne

Suezanne was able to score 4 of the Ninja turtle and Mickey sweatshirts that were only $1.50 each. Thanks so all of you that mentioned this hidden deal, I wouldn’t have known about them if it wasn’t for you!

Let’s hear about your favorite Target deal this week.

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  1. I was able to get about 30 boxes of the Halloween mac n cheese for $0.38 a box, eight boxes of General Mills Halloween cereal for $0.75 a box, a pumpkin carving kit for $1.20, two bags of the candy corn pretzels for $1.49 each, three packages of pop rocks candy for $0.30 each, a bag of spider web cotton for $0.60, and a bag of frosted shortbread Halloween cookies for $2.00. I also got about 15 packages of the two count Xmas Puffs for $0.29 each. It was a good week for shopping at Target! 🙂

  2. Those Mickey and turtle hoodies. I found at my target but when I scanned they came up *item not found* is that because they were under a halloween code like the tissues? The guy looked at me and said ..ugh $15..


    1. This happens because the items have been “salvaged” and that means Target can no longer sell them. For some reason they just haven’t been pulled yet. I found 8 at my store and same thing UGH. So frustrating!!

      1. when that happened at my target I told them it was in the 90% off Halloween section and they just rang them up. lol got a shirt for my son and 5 bags of candy I found for 1.50.

  3. Anytime an item without a clearance sticker scans Item Not Found, look for Target’s Item Number xxx-xx-xxx on the tag. I got a pair of swim trunks for cheap that way before.

  4. Got 35 bags of oreo cookies for 89 cts. I have a bunch of teenage boys that come after school each day so these will go quick. 4 Mickey Mouse Hoodies for $1.50 each. Captain America t shirts $1.29 each. 17 Xmas puffs 29Cts. and 9 Halloween puffs 29cts. each. Halloween boxer shorts 89cts.

  5. I was just at the Coconut Point Target in Estero,FL when I went to the register to buy the Puffs Kleenex 2 pack for .29 cents, the Mickey Sweatshirt, the ninja turtle sweatshirt, the Charlie Brown Halloween T-shirt, the orange Spiderman t-shirt. The sweatshirts should have been $1.50, the t-shirts .90 cents. The cashier called the manager on duty “Steve” and he refused to sell them to me unless I paid $2.99 for the Puffs, $9.00 for the sweatshirts, and $9.00 for the T-shirts. He stated that they should have been salvaged out and he can only sell them at the last sale price in the store. He sent his employee to go pull all the clothes of the racks and salvage them out. There was an entire rack of clothes! I had my receipts from previous transactions showing him the price of these items and he stated that they should have been salvaged and he can only sell them at this price! Talk about terrible customer service. Shame on You Target for hiring people like this!

  6. Does anyone know if this is correct? Wouldn’t the last sale price be the amount that these items were sold at 90% off. When I asked him that he would not answer. Then I asked him if I returned the items I bought without a receipt would I get $9.00 back for something that I only paid $1.50 for. He said that there is a different item look up for returns than for purchasing!!! I am in disbelief over how this manager handled this! He had no answers other than stating these items are not for sale unless you want to pay the price he was telling me.

    1. Unfortunately, once the items have been salvaged they go back up in price (usually full price) and they do now show up in the system as 90% off. They need to come up with a different system, so many times I have found holiday items left on the floor after they have been salvaged and they tell me they can’t sell them to me. It is a little frustrating, but there really isn’t much they can do if the computer shows them a different price.

        1. When I come across this issue I let the cashier know the last Percent off, such as 90%, and the cashier manually inputs the original price and then takes off whatever the percent sale was. I love the Target I go to. Very friendly and great customer service.

  7. I got Mickey sweatshirts, hello kitty skirts, super girl and bat girl headbands, night lights, flash lights, duct tape, bags of Legos, small stuffed animals, play dough, baby outfits, Cheetos, kool aid juice boxes, chez it mixed snacks, fruit rolls, fruit snacks, princess necklaces, justice league silly string, match box cars, and a few other small toys.

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