Make your own Pre-Package Smoothie Mixes

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I love the convenience of the pre-packaged smoothie mixes that you can buy in the frozen section, but they can get expensive. You can make your own version of the convenient smoothie mixes at home. It’s super easy and they are a lot less expensive too.

You will need some ice cube trays, if you don’t already have some you can pick up a set of inexpensive ones at Target for only $1.49.

Here are the other supplies you will need for the smoothie mixes:

    • Fresh Fruit or Frozen Berries
    • Juice (any kind will do – orange, cranberry, pomegranate, etc)
    • Yogurt (any flavor will do – vanilla, berry, etc)

Start by filling the ice cube trays with yogurt and place them in the freezer.   If you have fresh fruit you plan on using you will want to freeze that as well.

To make your pre-packaged smoothie mixes, you will need to remove the yogurt cubes from the ice cube trays.  You can do this by sliding a knife down the side of the tray and they will usually pop out.  If you have problems removing them, try placing the ice cube tray in a dish of warm water for about 10 seconds too loosen them up.  Don’t leave them in the water too long, they will get too soft.

I usually just store all of my yogurt cubes in one large ziploc freezer bag and just take them out as needed.

If you prefer the convenience of having everything pre-measured, you can put the following into smaller individual freezer bags.

    • 1 cup frozen Berries
    • 6-8 frozen yogurt cubes (depends on the size of your cubes)

When you are ready to make the smoothies, you will add the following into a blender:

  • 1 cup juice
  • 1 cup frozen berries
  • 6-8 frozen yogurt cubes

The smoothies mix will make (2) 8 oz smoothies. It’s fun to experiment with different flavor combinations.    Enjoy!

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  1. This came at the perfect time.. Had a lot of free yogurt that I knew I wasn’t going to eat before the expiration. Perfect idea!! Thanks

  2. This is perfect for my needs. I was about to settle on buying the Jamba Juice pre-packaged smoothie kits at my local Target until I came across your post. I totally need a simpler way to make my daily smoothie. This is a great idea. Very much worth it. Thanks for sharing!

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