Loma Linda Plant-Based Meal Solutions at Target

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Loma Linda has been making sustainable plant-based protein since 1890. That’s a really long time!  Now it has added heat and eat Meal Solutions to its plant-based food line and you can find them at select Target stores. These easy meals can keep you satisfied, even when you’re on the go!  Each complete meal is microwaveable and made with 100% plant-based protein, is non-GMO and gluten free.

Loma Linda offers several great varieties and I tried two of them. The first one I tried was the Pad Thai with Konjac Noodles and it was really good. Both the flavor and the texture are great!

You can eat the meals on their own or you can add your favorite toppings, I added some peanuts to my meal for some extra protein and crunch.  

These meals are a good option to take to work or school, because you can heat them up in a microwave in only 60 seconds!  Loma Linda makes it so easy to take your plant-based meals on-the-go.

I also tried the Chipotle Bowl with Black Beans and it was my favorite of the two. It’s packed with veggies and just the right amount of rice. I was pleasantly surprised with the proportions of the veggies and black beans. This one does have a little kick to it!

Once again you can eat it all on it’s own, but the Chipotle Bowl is the perfect meal to mix in your own toppings. I added some diced tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream and fresh cilantro. It was so yummy! It makes a great meal and is the perfect size for lunch.

I also enjoy eating the Chipotle Bowl like a dip. I once again added my favorite toppings and then scooped up the yummy goodness with my favorite tortilla chips.

You’ll find all the Loma Linda meals are a great source of protein. Neither of the meals I tried have cholesterol, trans fats, or preservatives.

The Loma Linda Chipotle Bowl really does make a quick and easy starter for so many different meal options!  I also used it to make a Chipotle salad, I cut up some lettuce, added the Chipotle Bowl on top and then added some toppings.  These meals are so handy for nights when you need a quick meal before a family activity. They make dinner time a breeze!

Besides the salad, I have also used the Loma Linda Chipotle Bowl to make street tacos. I filled corn tortillas with the Chipotle Bowl mix, added fresh guacamole slices, diced tomatoes, cheese and cilantro. It is a great meal on it’s own, but you can really enhance it when you get creative with it!

Look for the blue Loma Linda meal pouches at your Target store. You can find the Loma Linda meals in the following varieties Italian Bolognese, Pad Thai, and Chipotle Bowl at select Target locations throughout the U.S. Pick some up for quick and easy lunches, great meal starters or simply to have on hand when you have friends or family visiting that are plant-based or gluten free. Use the Loma Linda store locator to find a store near you!

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