Fun Family Game Night with Quelf by Spin Master Games

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We love to have family game nights at our house and one game that always brings out the fun is Quelf by Spin Master games. It’s a totally silly game where your one requirement is to OBEY THE CARD. Quite often the cards ask you to do silly and even ridiculous things, which always leads to a ton of fun and laughs for all.

Quelf can have 3-6 players or even teams and it is geared toward adults and kids ages 12 and up. It’s a great family game for those of you with teenagers. The teenagers in our house love this game and often pull it out whenever they have a get together.

Playing the game is easy, your goal is to be the first one to the finish line. The colored spaces tell you what color of card you will draw. Each color represents a different type of card. The 5 different card types are as follows:

Roolz – These cards are fun because they don’t just last for one turn they often last for the remainder of the game. Don’t follow the rule, you will have to pay the penalty (which usually means going back a couple of spaces).

Quizzle – If you land on a green space, the person next to you chooses the card for you because there are trivia questions that you will need to answer.

Stuntz – These cards will keep you on your toes with crazy little stunts.  Some are crazier than others.

Showbiz – The Showbiz cards will put you in the spotlight, you often have to sing, dance, do impressions, write poetry or even mime.

Scatterbrainz – Everyone gets to play with the Scatterbrainz cards. There are 2 topics, once a topic is chosen you go around the circle until someone can’t list an answer.  An example is “Types of Fish” or “Brands of Lipstick”. I would totally choose “Brands of Lipstick”, I’d be able to beat all the boys in my house with no problem!

Whether are not you complete tasks will determine if you move forward or backwards along the game board. Playing Quelf will bring lots of laughter and fun into your family game night. I love that it’s a game that often gets you up and out of your chair.   I recommend giving Quelf a try for your next Family Game Night.

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