New Year Wellness Routine

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It’s a phrase we hear every December; “New year, new me”. It can be hard to hold back the obligatory eye roll that often accompanies that sentiment, but there is truth in the power of a fresh start and its ability to motivate us to create positive change in our lives. And one of the most common ways we often seek to improve our lives is within the realm of our health. Unfortunately, we often set ourselves up for failure with unattainable goals about losing weight or cutting carbs, but it’s important to remember that wellness is not about “do this” and “don’t do that”, and most importantly, it is not one size fits all. Every body is different. Every lifestyle is different. And because of that, everybody’s routines and goals will look different. And that’s okay! What truly matters is that we are setting goals that we can gain real satisfaction from. Wellness should be easy. It should be about making intuitive decisions that make us feel good about ourselves. Not creating goals that do the opposite. 

That’s why, this year, as the new year rolls around, my goals and routines are looking a little different. I have never truly found joy, or real results for that matter, in setting hard, fast rules for myself about what I eat. This year, for me, is about making intuitive choices that feel right to me. That being said, I still believe there’s value in structure and routines. I just think that they should be simple. And, so, without further ado, I’m going to share my plan for the new year and all the ways I am seeking to improve my health. 

First and foremost, I am a strong advocate of the importance of breakfast. Anyone who knows me, knows how passionately I believe in its ability to kickstart your energy and set the tone for the day, but as life gets busy, I have found myself slipping up on my very own beliefs and skipping the most important meal of the day. Coming into the new year, it is my desire to once again, place a focus on starting my day right with a solid breakfast.

And to ensure that I am getting the most out of that time, I will be incorporating NeoCell Super Collagen Powder , which supports radiant skin and healthy skin and nails.

I have noticed a strong correlation between my happiness and the times in my life when I was consistent with running. ‘Runners high’ is a very real thing for me, and I love the way it makes me feel for the rest of the day, and so with that, it is my intention to return to those habits, and to help me make the most of those efforts, I have been taking Rainbow Light Women’s One Multivitamin and Renew Life Ultimate Flora Women’s Care Probiotic daily.

Multivitamins are just one simple way that you can make sure you’re getting those important doses of vitamins D, B2, B5, folate, calcium, iron, and zinc, while probiotics help support digestive + immune health.*

Another aspect of my health that I intend to focus on is stress management. With my final semester of college approaching, there are a lot of large projects and uncertainties about my future ahead and for the days that feel more overwhelming than others, I have Natural Vitality Calm Gummies, an anti-stress magnesium gummy, that helps release muscle tensions and promote calmness on my more stressful days.* 

It is my truest belief that wellness should be easy. It should be something we want to participate in, not something we feel we have to. By setting attainable and personal goals, making intuitive decisions about what makes us feel good, and incorporating simple steps throughout our day, we can all make wellness easy. Consider taking the first step by picking up Neocell Super Collagen, Natural Vitality Calm Gummies, Renew Life Ultimate Flora, and Rainbow Light Women’s One Multivitamin on your next Target run and find $4 off one Rainbow Light or Renew Life and $4 off one Natural Vitality or NeoCell beginning January 8th at Target while supplies last!

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