Easter Clearance will go 50% on Monday 4/9 ~ Some things to look for!

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One of my favorite things about shopping at Target is there holiday clearance.   The day after any given holiday the holiday merchandise will go down to 50% off.   If the holiday involves bagged candy, those items will usually start at 30% off.   The best part is the holiday items get marked down to 70% off, and then they finally end at 90% off.

I don’t usually buy any items at 50% off, I like to wait and see what I can find at 70% and 90% off.   Don’t assume that because it’s Easter clearance you won’t be able to find any items you can use now.   There are lots of everyday items that you can find in the holiday clearance.

Here are just a few examples:

There are lots of little toys and games that were meant for Easter basket fillers, many of these items don’t have an Easter theme at all. You can pick up these small toys for gifts, party favors or even stocking stuffers. I love to pick up items for stocking stuffers all year long so when Christmas rolls around I have all of my stocking stuffer shopping done. Plus, I picked up everything for cheap! You will find Lego’s, Cars, Uno games and more.

They even have Burt’s Bees lip balm in the Easter section.   This sells for $2.99, so it will be only $1.49 at 50% off, $ .90 at 70% and and if you get really lucky and find some at 90% off, it will cost you only $ .30.

They have cute packages of Scunci pony tail holders.   If you buy them in the Easter section on clearance you will pay less than if you went to the hair accessories aisle and bought some there.   These colors are so bright and fun!

The Easter section has some food items other than candy. You will find Goldfish crackers, Oreo cookies, Pillsbury frosting and more.

They have so many great kitchen gadgets and pans that you will be able to pick up at 50% off or more. I saw Spatulas, mini springform pans, baking sheets, donut pans and lots more.

I also saw some great decorating tips made by Nordic Ware that retail for $19.99, so they will be only $9.99 at 50% off.

Several of the Easter baskets and buckets would make great organizational containers for kids rooms or other places you need a little organization. These make great bases for gift baskets. I like to pick up a couple and save them for when I need to put a gift basket together.

Keep you eyes open and see what items you can find for everyday use. I would love to hear about what items you end up picking up. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Do the additional holiday markdowns happen weekly (so 70% off would be next Monday). Or is it more random?

  2. Went this morning. The UNO was not marked down, nor was the lego sets. They did have megabloks mini sets that were 50%. Several barbies in the easter stuff were not marked down but the “little sister” barbies were.
    Best deal I got was on girls tights and the wilton whisk and spatula.

  3. The Tampa-Westchase Target had the Lego sets under a 50% off sign, but even the employees could not get them to scan at the mark down. But they did give me the Legos and some spring RoseArt crafts kits at half off by notifying the cashiers I was coming. Another lady with a cart full of Lego sets wasn’t offered the mark down, as far as I could tell.

  4. I posted this to the Facebook link too:
    I went to my local Target this morning (West St. Paul, MN) and even though the Nordicware decorating tips and Burt’s Bees were in amongst the Easter clearance, they did NOT ring up at 50% off. The manager said that they were not Easter merchandise, only Easter stuff is 50% off. I did eventually get my discount, but only because I raised a stink about it. Prepare to argue for your discount if your Target is like mine.

  5. Target on Roosevelt – Chicago. Legos were not marking 50% off. I got 3 yo-yo’s for $1.50 each. Two bags of 48 eggs are $1 each. Hello kitty jewelry set and hair set is $2.50 each. I got myself slippers for $2.50. A 4 set lip gloss for $2.50. There are other sets at the same price for 3 lip gloss so I got 4 instead. I also got a nail file for $1.19 since I had two $1 off coupons.

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