I’m Here for the Churros Tee

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I love to purchase clearance and sale tees at Target and use my Cricut machine to make my own Disney tees (and other things too). While we are waiting for our next Disney trip I have been making a few tees. I used the Universal Thread tee in mint and made this I’m Here for the Churros Tee.

Here are the supplies I used to make the tee:

I love my Cricut Maker, it makes crafting so much fun!  If you are looking into getting a Cricut machine, I highly recommend the Cricut Explore Air 2, it’s the perfect machine to start you started.  If you love to sew, the Cricut Maker is a machine that does everything the Explore Air 2 does, but it also cuts fabrics, leather, balsa wood and more with the expandable suite of tools.  I suggest checking out the Cricut Air + Everything Bundle because it will give you everything you need to get started making several different projects.

Here is how I made this with four different colors (the design show five colors).  

Once I uploaded the design to Design Space, I clicked the Color Sync tool and moved the “Mickey ends of the Churros” and the “polka dots” to the dark brown section, they were a medium brown color.  once I did this I made it so the “Mickey ends of the Churros” wouldn’t cut, since the background of the Churros is the same on the ends.  you can do this by going back to the layers tab and clicking the eye icon on the right hand side next to the shapes you don’t want to cut out.

To make sure that each set of letters and such prints out as a group and not individually,  I select the entire design and clicked “Ungroup”, I was then able to drag each image I wanted to weld together.  I then selected them individually and clicked “weld”.  This way “I’m Here for the Churros” comes out as a set instead of individual letters.  I didn’t worry about welding the dots, I figured I would just place those wherever.

Next select to “Make it” and it will show you the items that will be cut out of each color.    Don’t forget to turn on Mirror Image of you are creating an iron on.

Next, you just have to iron on the items, starting with the items that go in the background first, like the dark background of the Churros, then the darker brown for the outline of the words I’m here for the Churros and work your way up.  I use the Cricut Easy Press, but you can use an iron too.  Voila!  You have yourself a cute Disney tee! 

DIY Disney Churros tee with cricut

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