Clearance Update: I found School Supplies, Garden & Grill all 70% off Today!!

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I stopped by the Federal Way Target today and was surprised to find lots of departments clearance marked down to 70% off. This included the lawn & garden, grill, patio and school supplies. Here are some photos for you!

Keep in mind clearance will vary by location, but all stores will need to clear out these items to make way for holiday items, so if your store hasn’t marked them down yet, they probably will soon.

clear outdoor

There was a wall full of items at 70% off including garden items, sun umbrellas, garden tools, outdoor lights, pots, tables and more

clear table

This square glass dining table was marked down to $20.

clear garden  1

The Threshold garden tool sets were only $5.98 (reg $19.99).   I thought these would makes nice gifts for those that like to garden.

clear garden 2

I also found garden boots and a garden cart marked down to 70% off

clear grill

There were a couple of Char-Broil grills marked down to $20.

clear grill 1

clear grill tools

clear more grill tools

There were quite a few grilling tools marked down to 70% off.   I picked up a new grill brush, we need to replace ours nearly every year.

clear outdoor lighting

Lots of different options for outdoor lighting, all marked down to 70% off.    I just love me some Target clearance.   Seriously, makes me giddy!

clear school supplies

I was totally surprised to see all of the school supplies marked down to 70% off.   The signs on the shelf said they were only 30% off, so I am sure lots of regular Target shoppers just walked right past these deals.

clear school supplies 2

Do you see that?   Scotch tape on clearance for 70% off.   I picked some up so I will be ready for wrapping all those Christmas presents in a couple of month.

clear school 1

There was tape, scissors, notebook paper, construction paper, book covers, pens, colored pencils, markers and more.

clear school 2

The Crayola items and educational items were also 70% off.

The only items that were in the school section that weren’t 70% off were the lunch boxes.

I hope you find some great deals at your store!    I’d love to see photos, so email me at [email protected] or post on the All Things Target Facebook page.

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  1. holy cow! does no one shop at your target? my target has been shopped out of the majority of all that stuff a month ago at only 30% off!

    1. I was actually kind of surprised to find this much left. This isn’t my “normal” Target store. It was find of fun!

      1. I checked on Backpacks yesterday again and they were marked down to 50% now! So I got one, since there were only 3 Hello Kitty ones left! =)

  2. I was lucky and there this morning. Bought 8 printer paper multipurpose for 1.05 each construction paper .58 drawing paper .25 glue sticks for a box of 24 1.48 and kid scissors for .23. Great finds.

  3. My Target outdoor stuff were at 30%, maybe should have done a price check.. picked-up few school supply stuff for super cheap… well maybe I will head back tomorrow again ;-)I do envy you… my target definitely did not have as much stuff left as yours….:-)

  4. BTS still 50% at my store. They were clearing it up and starting to put up Halloween. I asked a Red if they were going to mark down further but he didn’t know. Patio also still at 50%. OT, the clearance Up & Up diapers are at a stock up price for me (15%). I’ve never seen them on clearance before. Even at regular price they are a deal for me.

    1. I highly doubt it, but maybe there will be some stragglers that don’t get picked up at the 70% level. All Target stores and all markets are different. Some stores won’t even get to 70% off before they sell them all out.

  5. Kinda bummed that I didn’t look in the school supply section this morning (I only had 20 minutes in the store before I had to run), but I don’t think my Target would have had the same deals in any case.

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