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Bouncing Egg Experiment

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Got kids at home?  Need something to keep them busy?  Let them make a real egg that can bounce! This experiment is quick to start, and you’ll just need to check on for the next day or two.  It’s so simple, but is very interesting and super fun for elementary age kids.

Here is what you will need:

Bouncing Egg Experiment:

  • 17 oz of white vinegar
  • uncooked eggs
  • Food coloring (optional)

I recommend doing a couple eggs so they can try a variety of challenges.

Add vinegar to a small cup or bowl,  gently place raw egg in the bowl.  Allow to sit, every few hours roll the egg to make sure all sides get treated with vinegar.  Eventually you will see bubbles start to form.  Let it sit overnight.

In the morning,  check the egg and give it a gentle rub to see if some of the shell will come off easily.  Place the egg back in the vinegar and add another ounce or more of vinegar.  Allow to sit for roughly 12 hours.  Then gently rub egg again by now the white shell should be gone.  The egg will be slightly expanded and it should feel like rubber.

It’s incredibly simple, but I’m surprised at how much my 10 year old enjoyed it! As a matter of fact, we’ve done it several times now. You can add a bit more fun, by adding the egg to a glass of water with food coloring and it will dye the egg almost instantly.

This is the fun part,  hold the egg about 6 inches above the counter and drop it.  It will bounce!!  It is fun to see how high you can go with out breaking the egg.  I’d love to hear how high you can bounce your egg without it breaking!

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