5 Things Every Dog Needs

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My sister finally caved and got a puppy for her family. She lasted longer than we did, we got our dog about five years ago.  My sister has been asking all kinds of questions about being a dog owner and what her new dog will need. In addition to the basics of food, water and shelter, here are some things I think every dog needs.

Dental Care – One of the first things I learned when we took our dog to the vet was that we needed to take care of her teeth. Her recommendation was to give our dog a dental treat everyday to help reduce tartar build-up, maintain healthy gums and freshen her breath.  The Milk-Bone Brushing Chews help with all of those!  

The Milk-Bone Brushing Chews have a twist design that help to clean the hard-to-reach back teeth and they offer a scrubbing action that helps reduce tartar build-up.  Plus, the Brushing Chews are proven as effective as brushing and they have calcium to help keep their teeth and bones strong.

The Milk-Bone Brushing Chews are the perfect daily treat for your dog because it tastes like a treat, but cleans like a toothbrush.  You will find a size that is perfect for your dog, they come in Mini (5-24 lbs), Small/Medium (25-49 lbs) and Large (over 50 lbs). You can save 15% off Milk-Bone Brushing Chews at Target with Cartwheel. The Milk-Bone Brushing Chews are suitable for dogs older than 6 months.

Basic Supplies – There are many basic supplies that a dog will need.  These supplies include food and water bowls, a collar, pet bed and a leash.  You will also need a crate for traveling and home use too.  Dog toys are a fun necessity that will sometimes offer comfort.  Our dog has a favorite toy that provides her comfort.  When my daughter went off to college (my daughter is our dog’s favorite human) she carried her toy everywhere the week after my daughter left.  It was cute and a little sad too. 

Exercise – Dogs need daily exercise.  You can take them for a walk around the block, a jog at the park or a hike in the mountains.  Playing fetch in the backyard is fun and easy exercise too.  Dogs should get 30-60 minutes of exercise a day.  A lack of exercise can make your dog bored and unhealthy.

Grooming – Grooming and brushing your dog’s hair isn’t just so they look good, it’s actually keeps them clean and healthy too.  When your dog’s hair gets matted and long it is harder to keep it clean.  Another benefit of grooming is that it allows you to check your dog for any abnormalities, like skin problems or fleas.  Trimming their nails is a must too.  

Love – Of course one of the most important things your dog needs is love.  That’s the easy part!  Our dog gets lots of love from everyone in the family, but especially from the kids.

It’s great to know that while you are browsing the aisles of Target for home decor, cute clothes and groceries you can also pick up pet supplies and save on them too! You will find the Milk-Bone Brushing Chews in the pet aisles at Target. Look for the new packaging with 20% more.  Make sure you add the 15% off Cartwheel offer to save yourself some money.  The Cartwheel offer is valid through 8/31/19.

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