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Welcome to those of you that heard about All Things Target from Valerie Hoff on 11Alive News!    I am here to help you save money when shopping at Target.   I will show you how to find Target clearance deals gup to 70% off.   Plus, I do all the work for you so you will know what coupons to pair with which items so you can buy things your family needs for cheap for even FREE.

PLEASE NOTE: There was some incorrect information that was credited to my site, the toys WILL NOT be going down to 90% off. The lowest the toys get marked down is 70% off. The only items that get marked down to 90% off are holiday/seasonal items like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.

Target Toy Clearance

Twice a year Target will clear out a good portion of the toy department to make way for the next seasons toys.   You can learn more about how this clearance works HERE.  This unadvertised clearance event happens in January and July each year.   The most recent markdown took place at most Target stores on Thursday, January 17th.   January is a great month for clearance deals at Target, look for major markdowns in not only the toy departments, but in these departments too:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Baby
  • Bedding

Coupon Shopping at Target:

Target accepts coupons, and it is a great way to save money.   Target  will allow you to use one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon on each item,  this  is called “stacking” coupons and it’s a great way to save even more on Target’s already low prices.

Coupon Match-Ups:

Each week I head to Target to find you the best deals and freebies by checking prices and matching up the coupons that go with them.    You will find all of the most recent coupon match-ups here I post a long list of coupon match-ups every Monday and I also post updates throughout the week.  

Clearance Shopping at Target:

My favorite way to save money at Target is by shopping the clearance deals, this is where you can find items up to 70% off.    You can learn more about how Target marks down their clearance items HERE.   You will find information regarding the Target markdown schedule and the system Target uses to mark down their clearance items.     Clearance items will be marked with a little red sticker.    Those little red stickers make me (and my wallet) very happy!

Follow All Things Target:

If you are a Target fan and have a hard time leaving the store without spending $100 – this is the place for you!   I can help you get your Target fix for much less!

Just for Fun (a Target shopping trip): 

Here are all the items I picked up on one of my Target trip, I paid only $ .50 (before tax) and saved $42.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me via this contact form or at [email protected].   Happy Shopping!

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