Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Frames, Yankee Candles and more)

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Here are the items I found on clearance at the Issaquah Target this week.   Clearance deals can vary by store, so you may or may not find the exact same items at your store, but there are bound to be some great deals on some of those end caps!   I noticed that quite a few of the frames have now gone to 70% off.

Barbie for President!    You can get an election Barbie for 70% off.    Barbie is priced at $4.18.

They also had Ken dolls with outfits for 70% off.     Apparently, Ken isn’t interested in politics, he sells for around $8 at 70% off.

Yankee candles were 70% off.   These were only $5.98 (reg. $19.99).  These would make great teacher gifts at Christmas time.

This big ol mess of misc. items were all pretty much 70% off, even though the sign says they are 30% off.

The college type Restore and Restyle items are 50% off.   My store had a TON of the plastic side tables, for $7.48.   I am fairly certain if your store has this many too, they will make it to 70% off.

The desk chairs were also 50% off, these were $9.98

These fun lamps were also 50% off, and priced at $9.98.

I have had my eye on these kitchen items the day they were put on the shelves.   I love the milk bottle and egg holders.   Cute!    These are now 50% off.   I refrained from buying any, since they aren’t really a necessity, I am going to hold out for 70% off.   These items vary in price, but the cute milk bottles were marked down to around $5.

I mentioned yesterday that the pink dot dollar spot items were 50% off.   It appears that items with an orange triangle are also 50% off.

Certain themed children’s bedding has been newly marked down to 30% off.

More bedding at 30% off.

I spotted lots of blankets and decorative pillows at 30% off.

There appears to be quite a bit of clearance in the jewelry department.   These items range from 30% – 70% off.

There are still lots of shoes on clearance.   The sign says 30% off, but I found items that were both 50% and 70% off.

I’d love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding lately!

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  1. I have not seen those Barbie/Ken dolls at my Target – did they start at 30% or go right to 70%? I try to keep an eye on things as they get marked down and wait for 70% like you do!

    1. The last time I saw them they were 50% off, so they didn’t go straight to 70% off. My daughter is out of the Barbie doll stage, so I am not certain how long they have been around.

  2. My exciting find was big boxes of Pampers on the endcap at 50% off ($16 for the over 100 box). Then when I went to pay, they gave me the “buy two boxes, get a $15 dollar GC” deal. I was shocked and happy!

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