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If there’s anything we know how to do right, it’s Target runs and vacations. But more specifically Target runs for vacations! Whether it’s a weekend girls’ trip, an elaborate family vacation, or a solo getaway, traveling can take a lot out of you and it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll be feeling like your best self all day, every day; which is why packing smart is so important. Here are a few items from Target you’ll definitely want to consider for your next vacation!

The Good Patch

If you’ve never heard about The Good Patch before, let me give you a quick rundown. They design plant-powered wellness patches that help you feel your best. Their mission stems from the belief that feeling good is essential to universal wellness. When we feel good, we do good. The process is simple: just peel, stick, and feel! They have eight unique patches available at Target, all of which can be placed on a venous area of the body where their trusted botanical formulas will work their magic. You can leave the patches on for up to 8-12 hours and remove them whenever you’re ready! 

When I’m traveling, I specifically like to bring the Relief Patch and the B12 Awake. Whether it’s a battle with jet lag or aching muscles from yesterday’s bucket list hike, these are my go-to patches for wellness on-the-go. The patches come in a thin packet that barely takes up any space so it can easily be kept in my day bag. Here’s a look at all of the options available at Target:

B12 Awake: A great boost after a long flight! (Caffeine, Green Tea, and Vitamin B12)

Dream: Get your beauty rest for the busy day ahead! (Melatonin hops, and valerian root) 

Rescue: Bounce back after a night out. (DHM, Green Tea, and Vitamin B)

Relax: For unwinding and decompressing. (Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Passionflower)

Cycle: Provides period-related pain relief. (Menthol and Black Cohosh)

Relief: Great for adventure-seeking travelers who want to relieve sore muscles after an active day! (Plant-derived menthol, lavender oil, and Arnica Montana)

Desire: Helps set the mood for those nights in. (Vitamin B6, Reishi, and Black Maca)

Think: Get your head in the game. (Caffeine, Yerba Mate, Bacopa, and Lion’s Mane)

Jewelry Organizer

I’ve always been a “But what are we wearing?” kind of traveler and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Dressing up – and accessorizing accordingly – is part of what makes a trip so memorable for me, and I like to have options wherever I go. This travel organizer for jewelry has been a game-changer for me. It keeps everything neat, tangle-free, and easily accessible!

Airport Set

While I do love creating special looks on a trip, the airport is a completely different story. Fashion is for the destination. Comfort is for the journey. I always tell people that I travel in comfort or not at all. Lugging all of my bags around and sleeping on an airplane requires cozy materials and total mobility. And this usually comes in the form of a matching sweat set from Target. 

Travel Backpack

When you’re traveling, there is nothing more annoying than having to unzip your suitcase for the 13th time, only to rifle through your unmentionables just to find what you’re looking for. A bag with lots of pockets and organizational features will go a long way. This backpack from Open Story can zip all the way open to lay flat and is designed to make it quick and easy to access all of the essentials. 

To keep it simple, travel is just better when we feel like ourselves. And through the chaos of it all, that doesn’t always come naturally. So don’t forget to shop our top picks and check out The Good Patch before your next summer adventure!


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