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Target Seasonal Summer Clearance 90% off

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The Target Seasonal Summer items are now 90% off! A few stores went 90% off on Friday, but I have received quite a few reports of more stores getting marked down today.  Make sure you use the price scanner to double check the price, often times the signs don’t reflect the discount. You may also want to check specific departments for example: check the health and beauty department for sunblock, the paper goods for seasonal Ziploc bags and paper plates and sporting goods and toys for outdoor games and camping chairs.   Keep in mind clearance deals will vary by location. Here are some photos of 90% off summer clearance deals our readers shared with us.

Act found these Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips lipbalm for only $.29.

Amy found these Revo lip balm 2-packs at 90% off.

Brianna found something I haven’t seen before!   These Method hand soap with the rainbow packaging.    Let us know if you find them too.   Great score on the plates too.

Here are Heather’s finds.   She stocked up on crayons and sunblock.

Here are Jere Ann’s finds.   There are a few items worth pointing out in her haul too.   Watch for the Band-Aids, the Hershey’s S’mores sticks and the neon color softballs.

Lauren picked up some pool floats and more.   It seems as if some of the pool floats are ringing up at 90% off and some are remaining regular price.  You’ll have to use the scanner to double check.

My pal Jessica Turner has some fun videos you can watch too.   Check out her 90% off shopping haul and this one where she shares her in-store Target trip.

We would LOVE to see photos of your 90% off summer finds.  Please share you photos any of the following ways:

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  1. Lucky ducks! My Target usually goes as low as 30% and then the items mysteriously disappear. I think they might ship them off to a discount store. Our pool floats are on sale for $1 off the original price. How nice!

    1. I know exactly what you mean!! Its super shady at my store,too. It’s like they either hide it or employees are getting all of it.

  2. That happened to me. And when I asked about an item I wanted to buy, but had disappeared overnight, I was told it had been “salvaged.”
    This means if they hadn’t sold out quick enough, they get loaded on to pallets and go to a blind auction where buyers bid on them without knowing the contents. It’s worth asking as I got my item from the back of the store, but it still wasn’t further discounted.

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