New Sierra Designs Collection

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Target has a brand new outdoor collection called Sierra Designs. This line offers quality outdoor and camping gear including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, packable rain sets and more. All of these items are available online at You can check out some of the new products in the collage below.

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  1. I thought at first this was just High Sierra brand as it looks almost identical. Not very creative from target expect better from them but even they seem to be in the copycat game now too – shame!

    1. In all honesty, it’s probably High Sierra that they are working with to create this exclusive Target brand, I think that’s probably why Sierra is in the name.

  2. We purchased a tent from this brand and are dissatisfied. Do you know if Target is usually good about giving store credit when you’re generally dissatisfied with a store-brand product, even if it doesn’t have an obvious problem with it? I don’t know if we are just not “tent” people or if it just isn’t a good tent. But when we used the directions as they were described, it was extremely flimsy and did not have the same amount of structure to the tent as it shows in the pictures on the website. 🙁

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