Target: Ragu Pasta Sauce & Market Pantry Pasta only $ .74 each

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This week at Target you can get a box of Market Pantry pasta for FREE whey you buy 2 Ragu Pasta sauces, plus there is a $ .75/2 Target printable coupon that makes it an even better deal. This deal runs through 10/27.

Buy (2) Ragu pasta sauce $1.49
Buy (1) Market Panty pasta 1.00 (free with purchase)
$ .75/2 Target printable coupon
Final price = $ .74 each

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    1. Okay, I’m confused. I was thinking the Market Pantry was a Target coupon . . sorry. So, the sauce is on sale later, but the free pasta is only through Saturday? Sorry to keep harassing you!

      1. No worries Juli! You are welcome to use the picture. The sign at my store says the price AND the free pasta is valid through 10/27. The $1 price on the pasta is also good through 10/27.

    1. @Katie B I believe it is still a manufacturer’s coupon, with a suggestion of using it at Walgreen’s. Unless is says “valid only at Walgreens, it can be used anywhere.

      1. At the top it says Walgreens Coupon. I would assume since it does not say manufacturer’s, it is only redeemable at Walgreen’s.

  1. I just came here to tell you I found the Target coupon, but see you put the post back up with it. That Walgreens coupons is strange. It have a remit address, so it is a manufacturer’s coupon, but I’m not willing to tell people to use it since it will probably be rejected. Glad you found it!

    1. I was sure I saw a Ragu coupon that was a manufacturer coupon, but when I printed it it said it was a Walgreen’s store coupon. Usually it says “manufacturer coupon” at the top, but the one I printed said “Walgreens store coupon” I took that one off and noticed there was a Target store coupon that still made for a pretty good deal. So sorry for the mix-up!

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