Target: Kraft Organic Macaroni & Cheese only $.71

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kraft organic mac & cheese

Kraft Organic Macaroni & Cheese is on sale at Target through 11/2.    Plus, when you buy 3 you get one FREE.   The regular price is $1.87 a box, so this is a super deal!

Kraft Organic Macaroni & Cheese $.94Buy 4
Buy 3, Get 1 FREE (-$.94)
Final Price = $.71 each

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  1. This were included in the B3G1F sale at my Target in Ohio, but they were not on sale. Rang up $1.79. I did not purchase 🙁

  2. purchased 4 today in IL after seeing the same sign at my Target – after checking my receipt at home, noticed I was charged $1.79 also… but now I have to go back to complain and ask for my money back!

  3. I saw this sign at my Target today, so I loaded up. They also rang up at $1.79, and I had to speak up and say that there was a sign directly under the product saying it was $.94. They consulted and sent me over to customer service to refund me the difference, but the lady there said that the $0.94 promotion had ended and she was going to go remove the sign. So it might be worth checking out at your Target, but be prepared to put up a fight. (The buy 3 get one free part worked just fine.)

  4. update… I went to ask for my money back for the $.85 ea. overcharge at my IL Target. The woman at the desk argued with me and said it was supposed to be final price of .94 when you bought four and she could give me one free (even though I already bought 4). So I went to go get one… and all the .94 signs were still there. I pulled off three of them (all different original prices) and argued with her again. She refunded me (incorrectly, I might add) and in the end, I received poor service and STILL didn’t get the .94 price as indicated.

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