Target Open Story Premium Luggage

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We love to travel! With a family of seven the trips were usually limited to once or twice a year, but now that we only have one child at home we can travel more frequently which means our luggage has taken a beating!  Over the years the majority of our luggage has come from Target when they were on clearance for 70% off. I was replacing our luggage quite frequently so in recent years I have started buying better quality luggage and it seems to be standing the test of time.

I am excited to report that Target now has their own premium luggage brand called Open Story. I love the so many of the pieces come in a variety of great colors. I am looking forward to putting some of their luggage to the test because we are heading to Tokyo for spring break!  Here are a few of the pieces that I am excited about:

The Open Story Hardside Carry On Suitcase has double wheels in all four corners, I have found this is the best combination when it comes to having the luggage roll smoothly for me.  It’s the perfect size too, because most airlines only allow 22 inch luggage now. (So many of our carry-ons were 24 inches and had to be replaced).  I plan on ordering this, so I will let you know how it does, I just need to decide on the color I want!

I love that this line also carries a 4pc packing cube set. I never travel without packing cubes anymore. I love how convenient they are to keep everything together and they help maximize the room in my suitcase.

I love how pretty the Open Story City Mini Backpack is in the violet ice shade. This backpack comes with great storage for all the daily essentials.  It can also slide over your suitcase handle which is huge plus for me.

I like the idea of the Open Story Traveler Backpack for quick trips because it’s so convenient to travel hands free.


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