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Target Hidden Easter Clearance

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I share a few hidden Easter deals yesterday, make sure you check them out HERE. Here are a few more items you will want to watch for, as the week progresses you may find some of these items in their respective departments instead of in back with the Easter clearance.

hidden easter

Thanks to Delena who let me know the Summer Fruit flavor EOS lip balm is ringing up on clearance.   At 50% off these are ringing up at only $1.49.

hidden easter 1

Nikole also found the blue EOS ringing up at 50% off.

hidden easter 2

These Wilton mini fluted pans are also ringing up as Easter clearance.    Check the packaging on any kitchen items that look like it may be Easter or Spring themed and scan it to see if it is marked down.

hidden easter 3


Nuk pacifiers with an Easter/Spring theme on them are 50% off.

hidden easter 4


Doc McStuffins activity bag is 50% off.     I would seriously consider picking up items now for Christmas stockings.   It’s a great way to be prepared for the holiday and save a lot of money in the process.

hidden easter 6

Nikole also found these cute puzzles ringing up at 50% off.

hidden easter 7

Mary found these dog treats ringing up at 50% off.

A big thanks to Nikole, Mary and Delena for these photos!

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  1. When I found them they were in the Easter section but I found another by the board puzzles (it’s the first toy aisle at my store, not with other puzzles)

  2. Hello! What area can I find those eos lip balms? I went there today but only found the ones near the register but the packaging is totally different from your picture.

  3. The eos lip balm is in with the Easter clearance . I went to 3 Targets today and one of them had 70% off the Easter clearance. I bought legos, eos lip balm and spin brushes plus more

  4. I went to one target and they had 70 signs up but everything still rang up 50 but they let me get a few things at 70 bc the signs were up. I will keep checking here in south jersey to see when it gets to 70.

  5. Twin Falls Idaho had non food Easter items at 70% off today, but the food items are not as sweet of a deal– at 30% off. My guess is because there are so few items in clearance this year….but still plenty of candy. I did get a couple of good deals, so I was glad I checked.

  6. Mall 205 Portland is 50% off. No EOS, but lots of candy and little bags of goldfish crackers (food is 30% off).

  7. No EOS lip balms at any of the stores here. I have been to four and found none. They have the ones with hangtags at the registers and in the medicine aisle with the other chapstick products but none that are only shrinkwrapped. 🙁

  8. Oh, and my stores today just finally went 70 and 50. So figure the weekend maybe for 90. I also found a chick and bunny rattle in the baby dept also ringing up with easter.

  9. My store was marked 70% on everything. When I scanned the candy it was coming up 50%. I asked a clerk who said they are adjusting candy to 70% at the register. I asked at the register if she was aware of that, she said-“actually, we’re taking 40% off everything!!!!!!!!!! And indeed, all the candy ended up being 90% off and the merchandise was 70%plus an additional 40%. They said they were going over corporates heads because the store manager just wanted it all gone!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I tried scanning the Doc McStuffin Bag today but it came up regular price. Is there anything special about it or the packaging that is clearance?

  11. I went to my local Target and our Easter clearance was at 90%! I was shocked because they usually take forever! I was able to score $550 worth of goodies for $47!

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