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Target Halloween Clearance 50% off!

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Update!  I’m fairly certain Halloween clearance will be 70% off at most stores on Monday, November 4th.  Take a peek at the items below so you know what to watch for!

The Target Halloween clearance is now 50% off!  Food and candy usually goes 30% off, but it was 50% off at my store the day after Halloween..  Let us know if you found the same to be true at your store.  Keep in mind, the Fall and Halloween dollar spot items should also be included.  Make sure you have a peek at our posts, Halloween Target Dollar Spot and Fall Dollar Spot. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any Halloween Dollar Spot items let at my store to check.  Here are the dates when the Halloween clearance was marked down last year:

  • 50% off (30% off food) – November 1
  • 70% off (50% off food) – November 3
  • 90% off (70% off food) – November 5

Here are several photos of Halloween clearance items I found at my store today:

I was pleased to find the candy and food marked down to 50% off!

I found this really cool Harry Potter mug  at 50% off!

This would make a fun stocking stuffer for a Harry Potter fan.

Of course you’ll also find Halloween decor.   

Make sure you also check the plastic and paper good with Halloween packaging or colors.

Another area to check is pet supplies, they have a lot of Halloween themed treats.  Just check the bags for Halloween designs or pumpkin flavors.

Don’t forget to check Starbucks!

Even though Halloween is over, costumes are perfect for dress-up anytime of year!  I usually like to wait for 90% off though.

You will always want to double check your receipt or use the scanners, I found a few items I thought would be included like these Ziploc bags and paper plates below and neither were marked down.

These plates were also not on ringing up on clearance.

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