Target: Graco Mason 3-in1 Convertible Crib & Changing Table only $150

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There is a big baby sale this week at Target, and one of the great deals is you will receive a Graco Mason changing table for FREE when you buy the Graco Mason Crib on sale for only $150. The value of the changing table is $99.

If you would like to have the items shipped to your home, you can order these items online too. If you have the Target RedCard these will ship for FREE and you will save an additional 5%, making the final cost only $$142.50 (+ tax).

You can choose from the following colors online:

Graco Mason 3-in-1 Convertible Crib (Espresso) on sale $150

Graco Mason Changing Table (Espresso) FREE with purchase of crib ($99.99 value)

Graco Mason 3-in-1 Convertible Crib (Classic White) on sale $150

Graco Mason Changing Table (Classic White) FREE with purchase of crib ($99.99 value)

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  1. ATTENTION all who ordered this deal on line! I am wondering if anyone else has came across the same problem that I have. I purchased the promotion on line at for buy graco crib get free graco changing table on jan 29 2013. I received the crib in the mail, but not the changing table …(the promotion was valid through feb 2nd.) So I didn’t think any thing of it until NOW. I contacted target customer service about when the changing table was coming and they stated it wasn’t! They said that even though you purchased the order on Jan 29th, and the promotion was through Feb 2nd, they had ‘sold out’ and FAILED to remove it off their website…??? So because of their error in updating the website, I was under the assumption the deal was STILL ON when I clicked to purchase, I even called to confirm the promotion, a gentleman stated “oh it may not show up on the final confirmation page because it is a promotion, but the deal is valid through feb 2nd, we have a list of promotions so if you do not receive the changing table for some reason just contact us” . That’s what happened, so that’s what I did, and because of their error, no changing table for me. I feel scammed! This is poor business and the ONLY solution customer service gave me was ‘ you can return the crib if you’re unsatisfied ‘ . Unsatisfied is an understatement! I am 7 months pregnant, I did my research online for months trying to find the best deal, and I choose target to give my business to and this is what happens!!!!!!… Please let me know if this has happen to anyone else!

  2. I am livid, I went to Target to buy this crib and the staff said its online only. Why would they have a display for online only when it has tags for both in store and online. I look online and its no where to be found. I called guest relations and they said its in store only… Then he said its no longer available. I am so angry, why even have it in the store?!

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