Frozen My Size Elsa & Anna Dolls $59.99 (in-store pick-up)

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Target  is the only place to carry these popular Disney Frozen My Size Elsa & Anna Dolls, which are priced at $59.99.  These are getting hard to find!  You can order online at and pick up in-store for FREE!   Hopefully some of you can still find them in your area.   These dolls stand over 3 feet tall and come with a beautiful dress and matching shoes.



Disney Frozen My Size Anna Doll $59.99


Disney Frozen My Size Elsa Doll $59.99

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  1. Target advertised the My size dolls on a saturday i was there first thing sunday morning to be told they were out of them when i was there when the door opened. So disappointing when they advertise and don’t deliver the items. I’ve looked everywhere to try to purchase i’ve been to three different target stores and its the same response. Such a shame to let down loyal shoopers.

    1. It’s weird the way you get these dolls from Target. This is how I got my set. OK If you go to on your phone it won’t let you order. If you use your target app it won’t let you order. But when I got on my ipad and went to the direct full site it says it’s sold out online but you still click on it. Then it will open a window where you enter your zip then you add it to the cart and pick up at the store. The other first two ways won’t let you search the stores only the full Web site does so try that. I was able to get two sets from two different stores.

          1. ELSA available for sale! Price dropped for quick sale. $110 plus shipping (around $15 depending on location.) Email if interested: [email protected]

            We have two Anna left. $90 plus shipping.

      1. It’s all the money hungry jerks who buy them up and jack up the price that are making this such a terrible thing. I can understand Target selling out of them, but it just makes me SICK that it’s because of people trying to profit, knowing that every kid will want them. Go, Karma, go!

        1. Well said! I am still checking on ebay multiple times a day trying to get the set. Some ppl are bring the prices down but they are still twice the original price. I can get Anna from now but Elsa is still a no go.

  2. Unfortunately, you can’t “Just order at and pick up in-store for FREE!” They are out of stock online. I have called several stores on the day they get trucks, and they never have them in stock. I called this morning, and the guy told me he didn’t know when they were going to get them again. Why produce a product when you obviously can’t meet demand. I am going to keep searching, but I have a feeling my daughters will not be getting these for Christmas. They are going for $125.00 – $200.00 on ebay & amazon, but i don’t know if they are worth that much. Such a disappointment.

  3. I tried the above for an Anna doll, and only one store in my area had it for pick-up. Unfortunately, I got an email an hour later saying I needed to pick another store or cancel that item. I got my hopes up for nothing! Oh well..

    1. not sure where you ladies live but I have a target by me that has the anna dolls I got my daughter one this morning I am still on the hunt for elsa.

  4. Hi was just wondering have you any elsa and anna 3 ft dolls left if so do you do a free delivery as I am In England, how much are the dolls?

    1. Elsa doll is no longer available only the elsa is. not carrying it anymore cause for christmas time there going way way up on price so there waiting

  5. I just drove 2 hours to get the Anna doll , elsa was not in stock . I was able to get 3 Anna’s .. No more in the store 🙁 I was told that they won’t be in stock anymore I’m hoping they are wrong though because my daughter really wants elsa

        1. I bought them as gifts . A couple days later I was able to get elsa @ target online and it was shipped to me . I got it within the week .
          There’s a website .. You can see when they are in stock and you might be able to get one if you get on target as soon as it posts they are in stock I had a notification to me about elsa I bought one within 5 min and within the hour she was sold out
 is the site . Search for frozen

          1. THANK YOU, LEXA!!! Signed up….hope they are in stock again soon! Missed it this morning b/c I didn’t know about this site!

      1. Can someone please help me find anna or elsa doll. I’m from Puerto Rico and we don’t have Target… please help!!!!

  6. I was so fortunate to get an anna doll with the target 25% off coupon I paid 49$ that’s with tax I’m more than happy with that! I’m glad I got one seeing there only stocking 3 one elsa 2 Annas per month!!! Nuts I’m sure if you don’t get them now Ur not getting it along with the light up singing dress.

  7. I just called the three closest stores to me in Illinois and they are all out along with the online. My dad went to one and was told they only received two in and they were already gone. Really only two. WTF at least my daughters birthday is in Feb. and she knows she doesn’t get everything she askes for. This is very said and Target should be ashamed of the only getting two in at a time.

  8. I called a corporate # on Friday and was told that the my size Elsa dolls would be in the stores today Sunday 11/9/14. Hubby and I both went out to 2 different Targets and low and behold NO ELSA DOLLS. Very disappointed in Target! Don’t advertise something if you cannot deliever! You cannot order them on line , contrary to what this all things target reported. I know my granddaughter will disappointed! Corporate advertises things they can’t produce to just to get you in the store in hopes that you will purchase other items.

  9. Desperately seeking the three foot “My Size Elsa” dress for Christmas!
    I refuse to spend double for the doll, when I know that someone bought them with the idea of making money on desperate parents/grandparents, etc. trying to make a child happy.

  10. I drove over an hour to a Target that listed “limited stock” on the Elsa. When I got there they had 4 Anna’s. So, I bought one. On my android phone, which was dying, the Target app kept giving me the message “not available online”. So, I used the safari search engine on my friend’s iphone and went to the full site. I don’t know if I logged on at the right time, but I was able to order an Elsa online with free shipping to my home. I received my confirmation email, shortly thereafter. This was all about 3 hours ago, I haven’t received any kind of ” we are sorry, your order has been cancelled” email YET!
    I hope this isn’t too good to be true! Just keep trying!

  11. Called a few stores that said they had limited availability for Elsa and Anna…. None of them had any left…. But now I was just able to order Elsa for pick up at one of those stores!!!! Hope it’s not a fluke! Still can’t find Anna!

  12. I was able to order both of them at different stores and picked them both up today! I refreshed the target site for hours lol… I have a friend looking for them and now they say in stock but not available for pick up!

  13. I am Also Looking for the My Size Elsa Doll, Near Halloween they had them in the store near me, Now to my major disappointment I cant find one is any stores close to me. My husband went to the store near his work because Online it said they had them, well he did not see any. I have a feeling my daughter wont be getting one of the top toys she has on her list. I’m pretty upset target isn’t offering these online.

  14. I was able to purchase an Anna (finally) online/free shipping, but no luck with Elsa. I instead bought a my size gently used Rapunzel off of ebay for less than $40 shipped. I think I’m going to put the elsa dress I made my 3 year old (she has a store bought one as well) on her, and do one big braid with her hair and then she can switch the blonde doll’s dress between Rapunzel and Elsa. My kid is still little, so she won’t know the difference 🙂 Just an idea for those who are having trouble finding one.

  15. I was on the internet for hours trying to find the Anna doll, and to my surprise I was able to add the Anna doll to my shopping cart at target and it shipped today. Five minutes later they were no longer available online. So my guess is you have to keep visiting targets website frequently. A target associate told me that they should be in the stores when they open on Saturday morning, but they will sell out quickly.

  16. These are 2 per case but the fact you can call the store and have them held is why you are not seeing these on the shelf

  17. This is what ticks me off with these retailers. They advertise these dolls all over TV, make them exclusive items and then only offer them in very, very short supply. Who forecasts the quantities on these toys? The stores are only getting 2-4 dolls per shipment and if you’re not the first one to call in the morning, you lose. Thanks Target. A bunch of disappointed kids at Christmas.

  18. I was able to find one. This is what I did . Went on line every morning at 7:30 am put your zip code . It will tell you if they have the doll . And they will hold it . Not fair for everyone but that’s the only way you will be able to get one.

  19. I called the stores at 7:30am, Target will hold Dolls for one hour. I was able to get both Elsa and Anna yesterday. Its not Targets fault dolls are manufactured in limited qualities.

  20. As an update, if a store has stock of the dolls you are no longer allowed to ask them to be held until you can get to the store to purchase. When I called this morning, the gentleman who picked up the phone informed me that he would lose his job if he put an Elsa on hold for an hour. Good luck finding them, everyone!

  21. The first I had seen of this doll was in this weeks advertisement. Today, the doll was advertised to be sold for $59.99 along with the sing-along movie. After visiting, calling, and doing online searches, I discovered that the doll was not available anywhere in Southern California (or Kentucky or Arizona). How can it be legal for Target to advertise a doll (Target exclusive) and not have them available in any store or online (except EBay for twice the price) on the day of the sale? Most stores that I talked to have not seen them in at least 3 weeks.
    Disappointed in Target

  22. I got three yesterday for people who wanted them they have a total of four elsas &2Anna’s I called the store at 730 they didn’t open till eight and I was there before the doors unlocked I was the first one there and they weren’t even out and then they scanned it and Elsa’s were out back and when I left a little after 8 they were still 2 annas& 1 elsa they were a few rows back from the regular frozen stuff though but they say every morning at least in mass they usually get a few so try calling a half hour before they open depending on how close you live to the store.. how I found out to is I checked online it always says out of stock online but then you can check the different stores in your area and they say whether they have some or not

    1. They are nowhere to be found in Illinois! I’m in Chicago and they are non existent over here…..PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  23. Very disappointed in target not only do they not have them after they were advertised in the paper they should also make it “limit one per person”
    I’ve been going every morning before they open nothing in store and nothing received thismorning I get there to see a lady running in before anyone and grab 4 off the shelves!!!! It’s obvious she will be selling them online for the double the price and that drives me crazy !!!!

    I sent an email to target to complain but of course I probAbly won’t hear from anyone!!!!

    I have my best friend waking up every morning to go to a different location has been 5 days now and nothing!!!!

    They can keep the free movie I just want an Elsa doll for my 4 year old!

    Good luck everyone this is from Miami florida! Pray for me!

  24. The problem is these dolls arent just going for double. i have been watching them on ebay for a long time and have seen them sell in sets for as high as $520. After black friday i wouldnt be surprised if that went up to closer to $700. Thats why youre not finding them anywhere. People are getting out of debt with these things and we are suffering lol.

  25. I brought one for my Grandaughter but today I was in target around 4pm in they had one ana just sitting there. Yesterday I got one from another target by going on line to see if they had it at 7am. Don’t give up people check on line first then call at 7:30. But be ready to go to the store because some hold some do not.

  26. Check the target website early in the am on a Sunday that I got a frozen Elsa doll and they were able to ship that most target stores aren’t letting you even do store pickups no more

  27. You cannot tell me that the powers that be at Target did not have a clue that these dolls would be such a sought after item this Christmas-everywhere you look you see Frozen paraphernalia! I think that Target should be ashamed to be intentionally controlling their customers by shipping only 4 dolls per store, and not having them in stock online. I have seen them available once online, and when I tried to add it to my cart, it said I had exceeded the limit in my cart, and yes, I am sure that I did not have any in there. I was in another part of my state, and I found 3 different stores that said that they were in stock. We drove to all 3 stores, and 2 of those stores said that even their computers showed them having 2 in stock, but they were no where in those stores-on employee referenced to it as a “ghost” when talking to another employee. This seems like a good ploy to lure customers to the stores, and why not? Odds are people are going to buy something since they are in Target anyway. So while Target has what is probably the most sought after gift for the season, they are being very stingy.

  28. Tammy the computer will sho if in stock because it takes 24 hrs to update . Yes they are only shipping line 4 dolls at z time you all are correct but they are coming three times a wk. check every mining before 7 am . Call that store pray that they can hold it around 7:30. Some stores still are . Some ong you have to just be there 8 m in make a dash for if

  29. Heard about these dolls, went to a Target Store to look for both Anna and Elisa 3ft dolls wasn’t in the spot were it should be.. figured they were sold out, but I knew something like this they’ll have on top of the shelves in the aisles.. which 4 rows over there they were and Elisa was on the bottom of 6 Anna dolls.. of course if I left and asked for help Elsa would of been gone.. Thank god for being almost 6’5″ I was able to get both dolls from the top.. luckily I did because 6 ladies came up to me asking me where I found it, had to break the news saying this was the last one.. the things you ladies would do for a doll is mind blowing.. All I know is if you’re there in Target look at the overhead in the aisles.. you may just get lucky like I did.. got them for my niece since my sister said it’s sold out almost everywhere online and in stores now..

  30. Everyone who has Elsa or Anna for sale is jacking up the price just to make some extra money! It’s bs! If you weren’t out there buying up the stock maybe others could have a chance of actually purchasing one at the regular price! Some people aren’t as well off as others and can’t afford the jacked up price just to make their daughter happy! Poor little girls out there that won’t be getting this doll all because of greedy people! It’s the holidays people…. and all you’re concerned with is making a few extra bucks yourself! Smh!

    1. Sarah, you’re entitled to your opinion. I have two because I was going to preserve them as collectibles. I have easy access to these dolls at my local target so I can get them anytime.

      So yes I’m selling my two, in an attempt to make some little girl happy. its either that or return them to the store. That’s not being greedy! so again, anyone interested can email me.

        1. I do have Elsa …she is $150 with a sing along DVD. I am in the DMV area. Where are you located? Or I can send you my Ebay link. 3 Elsa’s and 1 Anna all come with DVD.

  31. The way Target is selling these items is jacked up…I almost gave up after trying, but one day something told me to go to Target. I actually went to the Target store near my house and waited in the car until they opened. While I was waiting, I called inside and after 50 rings someone finally answered to tell me no they do not have them. I started to leave but my instincts told me to go in anyway, and can you believe they had both Anna and Elsa sitting on the shelf (more than one each). I couldn’t believe it.. the nerve of that employee. So this is how you treat your customers Target…lie to them. And just to be funny, I called after I left the store and can you believe they still told me they didn’t have any!!! Unbelievable! I’m happy that I got both dolls, but geez!

    1. Which target did you get these at? I’m desperately looking for one for my 4 year old sister who is Inlove with frozen and would adore these dolls!!!

  32. Oh and I also got them buy one get one fifty percent off which is the sale going on this week (price adjustment within 14 days!)… so forget all you people selling them for over $100 yall are wrong. Merry Christmas…

    1. Peter,

      I hope you get stuck with those two dolls. If it weren’t for greedy jerks like you then they would be available for others!

          1. I can send you my Ebay link. .I have 3 Elsa’s and 1 Anna available and all come with sing along DVD

  33. HA, don’t believe the Target website that says out of stock. I was at my local Target today and found 2 Elsa dolls and 4 Anna dolls on the shelf. I bought one and got the second 1/2 off with their promotion. My 6 & 7 year old granddaughters are going to so happy!!! Get to the store early, the lady told me that Target stocks their shelves everyday with new toys!

  34. Also make sure you check for them by the bikes and large boxed toys. I thought I was out of luck when I went to the aisle with all of the Frozen items on them and couldn’t find them. They have them stocked with the bikes!

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