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  1. This deal does not work at the Target in Dothan AL despite being a general Brita coupon, the manager told me it had to be the pictured bottle. I fought it but refused to let it get a rise out of me. Needless to say, I left them and walked out. Publix has them for 8.99 and I’ll go there. Better customer service 100% of the time!

  2. Where were these in the store? I couldn’t find them with the kids water bottles or with the brita section? Any ideas?

  3. It just worked for me an hour ago, no beeps. I found them by the other brita pitchers, sorry that’s kind of vague. I had a hard time finding them too.

  4. I used that coupon on a kid’s bottle a while back and it beeped, but they pushed it through for me. I’m going to try again with the stack and hope the cashier doesn’t give me any poop about it.

  5. You wouldn’t believe what happened when I went to do this deal. I had printed 4 of each coupon so I went and grabbed 4 of the kid bottles and their act rinse since we ran out today. Anyway I go to the cashier and all 4 manufacturer coupons went through fine but the Target coupons I could only scan 2 of. So the cashier says just pay and then go over to customer service and ask them if they can put it through. Anyway the lady there says no because the Target coupon reads one per guest. So I said ok then just return these two bottles. She rings up the return and it’s too much money so I try to point out how it’s wrong and she just keeps saying there is nothing she can do about it. So I ended up getting 2 kids brita bottles and the Act rinse free and they paid me $1 just for being there! LOL! My original purchase was $15 and change and they refunded me $16 and change!!

  6. Yes My manu. went through fine, and my target coupons would not work/attach to the item. (kids bottle, blue one with sports balls one it) and she manually pushed them through. I think its gonna be a YMMV situation here 😉

  7. In Hillsboro Oregon, got 2 yesterday no problem no beeps. I found them in the Housewares department, on the aisle with the other water pitchers/water bottles sitting right in with the other Brita brand stuff (not in with the other water bottles). I got 2 blue one with sport balls on them.

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