Buy $200 Airbnb Gift Card, Get $20 Target Gift Card

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Hey there, travel lovers! I’ve got a Target deal you won’t want to miss! When you buy a $200 Airbnb gift card you’ll get a $20 Target gift card for FREE. If you plan on taking any trips in the near future, this is a great way to save a little money along the way. Because let’s be honest, travel has become so expensive, and every little bit counts!

It gets even better, if you use your Target RedCard to pay for the gift card you will pay only $191, because it takes the extra 5% discount off at checkout. You can do this deal in-store or online.  When you purchase online the Airbnb gift card and $20 Target gift card will be emailed to you separately. 

I will 100% be taking advantage of this offer! You can do multiple transactions to earn more $20 gift cards. This offer is valid now through Saturday, December 9th!

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