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Reader’s Target Valentine’s 90% off Clearance Finds

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Here are some reader’s Target Valentine’s clearance finds!  I really enjoy seeing what super deals others are able to score at their Target stores.

lip smackers

Young found all these Lip Smackers sets in the make-up section where they have the Hello Kitty items at her Target.   These rang up at only $.49 each.   That is such a super deal!targetvalentineclearance

Nicole made a nice haul, she got all this for only $26.


Shannon spotted a hidden clearance deal in the toddler section.  What for shirts with Super Heroes, Ninja Turtles and more.


Here are Sharon90% off finds.   She found a cute dog and cabbage patch doll that I haven’t noticed before.


Ashley’s 90% off clearance finds included, t-shirts, small barbie dolls, Star Wars cards, Angry Bird plush toys and more.


Vickie found these cake pop sticks at 90% off, they were only $.19.    Check the regular kitchen department for these.


Vickie was on a roll and was able to find a whole box of K’Nex Pac Man figures for only $.49.


Michelle got a sweet deal on these Heart shaped rugs, they were only $1.99 (reg $19.99).    Be sure to check out her blog Le Hoarder for other great deals she found, she found so many great things!

wendy 1


wendy 2

Wendy ALWAYS finds so many great deals at her Target stores.    She once again scored some great 90% off deals.

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  1. Oh man… So jealous of their finds 😉 .. No not really… I only miss the heart shaped baking pan… All the other stuff I can live without. Just got back from Target, spent 10 saved 80…. Wish I knew about the lipgloss stuff too.

    1. Yes I agree, thank you all for posting pics, I would not have half the stuff w/out your help! I have 3 young children and they will appreciate the crafty items I got for them! Amongst the Sofia and mega blocks toys I found for 90% off, I found three cupcake stands for a little Over 5 bucks each at 70% off. Candy was also at 70-perfect for my pinata next month- Mahalo everyone for the help, especially on the heads up for 70% and 90% days! I’m hooked!

  2. It really is helpful seeing what other people have found, espicially when they start moving stuff out of the holiday section. I got a few items at 70% that I knew weren’t likely to remain (Mega Block People, Disney and Dr. Seuss merchandise). I was able to score the table runner for under a $1.00 though and the geometric heart bags at 90% off. I’m planning on using them as wall art for her toddler room so I was happy to find them. The first store I went to didn’t even have them left at 70% off. I found the selection for Valentines Day to be much better than Christmas this year

    1. Really, I thought the opposite, Christmas collection was so much better, there were very few nice items that I really wanted this time, of course my store wAs out of them even before clearance hit 50% 🙁

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