Summer Clearance Items should go 90% off this Month (July 2012)

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I mentioned in my What to Expect at Target in July post that the summer items at Target will get marked down this month. S  ince these items are part of the seasonal/holiday markdown they will got marked down to 90% off.   It’s enough to make my little heart skip a beat.   I love, love, love me some Target clearance, especially when it’s 90% off.

Here are the dates and percentages these items were marked down last year:

  • 50% off happened around July 13, 2011
  • 75% off (now only 70% off) happened around July 17-19, 2011
  • 90% off happened around July 19-21, 2011

Just for fun, here is a long list of some of the great items you will find in this section:

This section usually includes several fun appliances, and this year is no exception.   This year they have the YoNanas dessert maker.    I checked the reviews on Amazon and it looks like it works pretty well!

You can also find some ice cream makers and ice shavers.   In my opinion, there are usually some of these items that hang around when they get marked down to 70% off, but there are usually very few left at 90% off.

I found a Bella Mini Cupcake maker.

There is a Hamilton Beach Fast Pop maker.   Has anybody tried this?   If it’s still around when it hits 70% off, it will be only $8.99.

One of my favorite things about the seasonal section is you can usually find Glad bags, wraps and containers.    They usually have some kind of summery print on them, but I am okay with that.   If you have any coupons for these, don’t forget to bring them along.   These items usually sell out before they make it to 70% off.

There are lots of fun summer plasticware.   I love the plastic containers that look like strawberry baskets.


When these get marked down, it’s a great time to pick up napkins and paper plates for cheap.

Super cute lemonade stand items, which include plates, cups, apron, signs, ice cube trays, beverage containers and more.    Did I mention these are super cute?

You can find lots of pools, water slides and outdoor toys

There is usually a nice selection of beach toys.   Buy them now and save them for next year.

I saw lots of plastic bats and balls.  These can be used year round.

This year the summer section also includes some playground balls

You can usually find lots of beach towels.

There are several summer themed plastic tablecloths.

If you are lucky, you can get an cooler at 70% off.   I haven’t seen too many of these  stick around for the 90% off markdown.

They have specialty food in this section as well, however sometimes they move these items over to the food section and they don’t get marked down with the rest of the items.   If you see some of these pink lemonade cookies when the markdown takes place, I would scan them to see how much they are.  

There happens to be a $ .35/1 printable coupon for the Pink Lemonade items, so print it now and wait for the clearance prices.

I will do my best to let you know as soon as these items have gone to 50% off, 70% off or 90% off. If you are at Target and you see the markdown has taken place, I would love it if you could shoot me an email ([email protected]) and let me know. You can also post directly to the All Things Target Facebook page too. We all can help everyone save a little money!

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  1. @Joanna Any of the toys you find in this specific summer section (usually found at the back corner of the store) will go on clearance to 50%, then 70%, then 90% off. They toys in this section are considered part of the holiday/seasonal markdown.

    Any toys that you see in the actual toy section will only get clearance to 70% off. You can learn more about the toy clearance here:

  2. I just went yesterday and it was still at 50% off do you know what day they do mark down for the seasonal?? What is your best guess as to when it will be 70% off?

  3. @Francis The holiday/seasonal items don’t have a specific markdown day. They just recently went to 50% off, and it should stay at that level for 4-5 days.

  4. I have been keeping my eye on the Margaritaville Concoction Maker. It is currently on sale for $139.98 (30% off). I noticed it was discounted to 30% a couple of weeks ago but I’m waiting for it to go on sale for 50%. Does anyone have any idea when this might happen? Or has anyone seen this item at Target? Thanks!

  5. @Melissa B It should happen on s Thursday. If it didn’t happen today, I would check next week for sure. Good luck!

  6. I went to Target in La Quinta, CA and what was left was in a basket I found 4 packs of paper plates for 0.89 and they also had red dot dollar spot stuff it was in the same basket and rang up at 70% off!

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