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Reader’s Target Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

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Here are some reader’s Target shopping trips and clearance finds!  We really enjoy seeing all the awesome deals you all are able to find at your Target stores. Please continue to share with us!


Kizzy hit the jack pot with this portable AC unit, it was 70% off.  This will be super for next summer.


Check out Katie’s super 70% off toy finds. The LEGO set was 50% off, which is awesome for LEGO!


Bridget picked up this super cute Little People play set for 70% off.


Peria got a super deal on this cardigan and pencil skirt, it was on clearance for 5.98, plus, she was able to use a cartwheel 25% offer and ended paying around $4.50 for each item.


Emile spotted really nice glass Pyrex containers for 50-70% off.


Emile also found kids tableware for 70% off, including this cool Captain Avengers cups which were only $2.39.


Cin scored this Threshold dinnerware set for only $10.06, even though it was marked “as is” she said it was in perfect condition!


Linh scooped up juice for 50% off, plus, she got a $1.75/2 juice coupon that she can use on her next transaction.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. A target employee recently explained to me the “as is” tags. She said that often they are sent an item that the store doesn’t carry, so rather than send it back, they mark them with “as is” tags to see if they can sell them to deplete the mistaken stock. I realize that customers will return online items and such and may be tagged similarly, but it explained why I often buy “as is” stuff and it’s brand new and in perfect condition!

    1. i found the same Little People House at my Target today! Paid $7.08 (76% off!!). It was marked “As Is” as well.

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