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Readers 90% off Christmas Clearance Shopping Trips!!

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I am fairly certain that tomorrow will be the BIG 90% off Christmas clearance at Target. I have heard from a handful of people that were able to find 90% off at their stores today. I have heard from 2 people now that said that corporate let them know that the markdown should take place tomorrow. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

You have to check out these deals that readers found today at the stores that went 90% off. Amazing deals!!

90 off rachel

Rachel let me know that her store had signs that said the Christmas stuff was 90% off, but it wasn’t not ringing up at 90% off. They had an email that stated the 90% off markdown should take place on Saturday, January 4th. They honored the price for her, so she was able to score all these at 90% off.

90 off trip sylvia

Wow! Look at all the items Sylvia got for 90% off at the South Dale Mabry location in Tampa. I am amazed!!

90 off trip cathy

Cathy scored some amazing deals at 90% off too. Look at all the eos lip sets she found, they were only $.49. I couldn’t even find any at 70% off. I am totally jealous!

90 off chalonda

Here is what Chalonda was able to score! I am surprised all the great stuff her store had left.


Yet another amazing trip to be jealous of…Selena found so many amazing things at 90% off. Make sure you check out her HowAboutCookie Instagram account, because she has some close-ups on things that were ringing up at 90% off like the curing iron, Method soap and more.

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  1. im so jealous!!! I cant wait for tomorrow. does anyone know if they do the markdowns over night? I dont want to go first thing in the morning just to find out they have yet to do the markdowns.

    1. The holiday markdowns are done differently so they should be marked down when the doors open. These are done via computer instead of having to mark down each individual item. Good luck!!

  2. Amazing shopping…. I am sooo jealous of all their find… 🙂 My store didnt have more than half of these things at 70% off 🙁 My store went on 70% later than the rest.. I so hope they get to 90 tomorrow or else no use since another winter storm is headed our way and we will be snowed in Sunday and I am not desperate enough to brave the snow 😉

  3. Thank you so much for posting the pictures! They are soooo helpful! Thanks to Sylvia’s picture, I found one Avengers toy camera for $0.50 and a Spider-Man voice recorder for $0.50 as well. They were in the regular toy section, unmarked and originally $5.00 each. I’m going to have some happy little boys at home!

  4. I’m totally jealous!! I went to Target before work this morning, only to find all Christmas items still at 30-70% off!! My Target is so stingy!! And yes, I scanned. I did manage to get some little lip balms for .80 for my daughters though. Great shopping ladies!!

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