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I really enjoy tea!  I think it is great anytime of the year.  I enjoy a nice warm cup of tea in the fall and winter and a refreshing iced tea in the spring and summer.  I love trying new flavors. If you are a tea lover too, I recommend heading to Target to pick up Pure Leaf Bagged and Loose Teas where you can save 15% with the Target Cartwheel app.  Pure Leaf teas are made with real tea leaves, picked at their freshest and crafted to deliver a genuine tea experience. Pure Leaf teas are made for tea lovers!

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You can pick up the following Pure Leaf teas flavors at Target: English Breakfast Black Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea, Black Tea with Vanilla, Chai Tea, and Green Tea with Mint.


When the weather is cold I like to snuggle up in my chair with a cozy blanket with a nice cup of hot tea.  Just a few minutes of “me” time helps me feel ready to tackle the day.


I love to add a splash of half and half and a touch of sugar, it makes the tea creamy and sweet. 


I love the Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla, the touch of vanilla is perfect.  Both the bagged and loose teas are a blend of quality long-leaf teas made with real fruit pieces, petals and herbs.


I enjoy green tea because it has so many wonderful qualities.  The Pre Leaf Gunpowder Green Tea has a fresh clean taste.  I think it blends nicely with citrus flavors.   During the warmer months I love to make iced tea.  I use the Pure Leaf loose leaf tea and add it to a tea ball.  I add fresh citrus fruits like oranges, limes, or lemons to infuse it with a little extra flavor.  It’s so refreshing on a warm day!

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When you head to Target don’t forget to take advantage of the 15%  savings on Pure Leat teas with the Target Cartwheel offer.  The Cartwheel offer is valid through February 18th, so there is plenty of time to save.


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