Photos of Readers Target Toy Shopping Trips

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I think it’s fun to see what toys other people found, since clearance will vary by locations, the only problem is then I see things and they “Hey, I wish I would have found that!”   Here are some photos from readers with their finds from the Target Toy clearance.

Marci found the following items at the Renton Landing and Southcenter locations.

Kristin spent about $100 and saved around $200.

Kelsey found all this at the Lake Stevens Target. I’m kinda jealous with all the Leap Frog stuff she was able to find.

Kari shopped at Renton, Southcenter and Kent.

Angela got all this at the Albany, OR store. Angela is lucky, because there was only one other person shopping while she was there and she didn’t have to pay sales tax. LUCKY!!

You can find lots more photos of shopping trips on the All Things Target facebook page.

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  1. Thanks for posting my picture…I spent $109 and saved $255. Not pictured was the game imaginiff $6.88, kids magnetic responsibility chart $3.59 and DQ Blizzard maker $6.55. I shopped weds @ Renton landing and thurs @ Southcenter…both trips with my 5yr & 3yr old boys. I took my re-usable bags and let them play in the toy aisles & shoved toys in the bags when they weren’t looking. At checkout I let them share an icee one day & a bag of popcorn the next. So in the end I got awesome deals (only spending less than $15 to keep the boys occupied…icee/popcorn/blizzard maker & chart). *and I got my free glue sticks & pens while I was there 🙂 THANK YOU…thriftyandthriving/allthingstarget for the updates and fans for posting when your store hit 70%.

  2. Make sure you try the leap frog toys. I got some of the same ones. Once I got home to play with it, I didn’t like it and returned two of them! I did score a Leap Frog Tag book for $4.15 then I used my $5 off coupon for a FREE Book!! =-)

  3. Oh did you notice that some of the toys were being marked down to 55%? I live in Orlando and have never seen that! =-(

  4. Thanks for posting my photo! Forgot to mention my findings were from Foothill Ranch, CA, Long Beach, CA, and Santa Fe Springs, CA stores. My husband and my mom went as well and we combined all of our toys together.

  5. I got some great deals too, but our wheelie and leap frog stuff wasn’t on sale here 🙁 and I couldn’t find any of the cute little batman guys anywhere. I went to three stores and the selection wasn’t great at any of them. Last year’s sale was better and I think a lot of people bought stuff at 50% off too since there weren’t many sets. I cannot take a pic right now, but I got some lacing beads, a chuggington train set with brewster, an aquadoodle mat with Cars, a magnadoodle with batman, and an aquadoodle kit with paintbrush and roller brush, an effie train from chuggington, a small chuggington set all for like $35 before tax. I also used my target rewards card and a pharmacy rewards coupon for 10% more off my purchase. Our signs still said 50% off but I scanned and looked at the stickers and most were marked 70% off.

    I know this is for Target, but if you live near a Kohl’s store, ours had Skippy Jon Jones hardback books and the Skippy stuffed animal for $5 each..they are up by the register and a portion of the cost goes to charity. These make great gifts as well.

  6. I noticed some toys being marked down to 55% off too and I asked if they were being marked down to 70% and I was told no.

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