Review of Nest Learning Thermostat (It’s Brilliant!)

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All right, Christy’s geeky son here to give you a review on the Nest thermostat. For those of you who have never heard of Nest it’s essentially a thermostat that thinks for itself. It learns what your preferred temperatures are and can anticipate how to keep you comfortable (it’s like your very own personal robot thermostat, which is awesome).

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest looks cool as well, it’s essentially just a round screen that also acts as a dial so you can change the temperature just by turning it. As you change the temperature it remembers the time and other conditions that were going on at the time you made the change and learns to fix it without you touching it in as little as a week of use.

Nest thermostat up or down

For example, our Nest has started learning that because it’s getting colder outside we prefer turning the temperature up first thing in the morning so we don’t dread leaving our warm covers as much in the morning. Because the Nest remembers and learns we won’t ever have to worry about programming it as the seasons change (and given that nobody in our house knew how to work the old thermostat this is a huge plus for us). Changing the temperature with this Nest is a breeze, you simply turn the dial to the right or left.

Nest energy saving

Since the Nest learns, it can be more efficient than a normal thermostat, it knows it doesn’t need to be using the same energy all the time so saves it when not needed. Most thermostats are so confusing nobody programs them anyway, so you are just wasting energy.    Using the Nest can save you up to 20% of your home’s heating and cooling bill.    When you see a little green leaf on your Nest you are in energy saving mode.

The Nest also has a few other really cool features:

Installation is easy – Nest claims that if you are comfortable installing a light fixture, you can install a Nest Thermostat on your own (we found this to be true).

You can save while you are away with “Auto-Away” – You can set Nest to “Away” manually to maximize your savings when you’re on vacation. It’s super easy…just turn the dial and click.

Nest-on-the-go – Use the Nest app to connect to your thermostat from a smartphone anywhere (How cool is that?)

In all honesty ever since I found out about a thermostat with at least some degree of artificial intelligence I was pretty stoked, and actually getting to test one out was even cooler.

Nest Learning Thermostat Target

Nest Learning Thermostats are available in 87 Target stores across northern California, or you can purchase the Nest Learning Thermostat from

The learn even more about the Nest Learning Thermostat, by visiting the or checking out the following YouTube video.

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