My Crazy Target Clearance Deals (Additional 70% off Clearance)!!

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My Target store is in the middle of a remodel and they were desperate to clear out the remaining patio clearance.  In order to clear things out quick the employees mentioned they were taking an ADDITIONAL 70% off the clearance prices.  Holy cow!  I filled up my cart super quick!   The items I bought were already marked down 30-50% off and then I got an additional 70% off.

Please understand you WILL NOT  find the additional 70% off markdown at your store.  I am sharing my deals with you, because they are just too amazing not to share with all my Target loving friends.   I already texted my husband, daughter, friend and sister-in-law with the deals, so now you get to see them too.   You should find the patio items marked down 30-70% off at your store, you just won’t get the additional markdown (I’m so sorry)!

Here are the deals I scored with the additional 70% off clearance prices.  My favorite finds were probably the Olive Tree and the Round Opalhouse Rug.  Make sure you follow me on Instagram, I shared a video in my stories of everything I bought.

Planter $8.99 (reg $59.99 – 50% off, was $29.99)

Faux Plant $11.24 (reg $74.99 – 50% off, was $37.48)

Outdoor Gas Fire Column $14.99 (reg $99.99 – 50% off, was $49.99)

Olive Tree $17.99 (reg $119.99 – 50% off, was $59.99) 

Galvanized Wall Planter $1.94 (reg $12.99 – 50% off, was $6.48)

Basket Tray $3.74 (reg $17.99 – 30% off, was $12.58)

LED Rope Lights $2.69 (reg $17.99 – 50% off, was $8.98

White Planters $2.93 (reg 12.99 – 30% off, was $9.78)

Large Lantern $7.34 (reg $34.99 – 30% off, was $24.48)

Small Lantern $3.74 (reg $24.99 – 50% off, was $12.48)

Large Basket $7.34 (reg $34.99 – 30% off, was $24.48)

Stok Tabletop Grill $13.64 (reg $64.99 – 30% off, was $45.48)

Welcome Doormat $1.94 (reg $12.99 – 50% off, was $6.48)

Opalhouse Round Outdoor Rug $20.99 (reg $99.99 – 30% off, was $69.98)

Hammock $11.99 (reg $79.99 – 50% off, was $39.98)

OK, so a couple of people on Facebook commented that it’s not saving money when I buy things I don’t need.   I appreciate people’s concerns, however, I have a brand new covered patio that I am furnishing, most of the items will be used for my new patio.  The planters and lights will be used for my son’s wedding reception we are hosting in our backyard.  A couple of the items are gifts for others.   Lastly, the doormat is not something I needed now but will need in a few months.  I am totally fine paying $1.94 now so I don’t have to pay $12.99 later.   I know I don’t need to explain myself to others, but I thought I would do it anyway.  And while I am explaining things, no debt was incurred for these items or for the new additions to my home.

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  1. You should not need to explain to anyone (except maybe your husband!) why you purchased the items you did. If you like them and you want them, then that’s what matters! I am, however, jealous that you stumbled upon a Target deal of the century! Congrats on the awesome finds!

  2. Forget those haters, who cares; it’s your money, your time, your business — you buy what you want and don’t have to explain to anybody, none of their business!! Great stuff, sure wish we had buys like that in my GA stores!! Thanks for sharing

  3. People can be rather mean on the internet, especially on Facebook. Don’t worry about it! You don’t ever have to explain yourself. However, I do enjoy hearing what you plan to do with things– whether you’re saving them to use as gifts or furnishing a sun room!

  4. Love Love Love your deals!! I went to Target at lunch today and found some half off summer items! Coast to coast pillow 4.00…Watermelon mesh bag for my 16 year old…5.00, 2 pkgs of celebrate napkins 0.75 each, a smores melting tray for the grill 4.00, We too are furnishing a covered porch and I only WISH my Target was remodeling!
    Keep the discounts coming! I watch for your email everyday!

  5. Oh my, the Nosy Rosies of the world. I am very excited about your finds! Heck, most of us would have purchased the same items. They are beautiful pieces you would never find (NEW) at those prices! Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

  6. Who’s business is it how you spend your money? I love seeing what you get. Why did you get an additional 70%? Why aren’t others getting it? I used to get all Christmas and birthday gifts for my friends and relatives on the end cap markdowns, some at 90% off, but now they aren’t as good as they used to be. Keep up the good work and don’t listen to people that are jealous.

    1. My store is in the middle of a remodel and the manager decided in order to clear stuff out quick they would do the additional 70% off patio clearance. It worked! Stuff cleared out super fast.


    Our local Target was remodeling just after Christmas so we did this then. Over $1200 worth of merch for under $200 – car was full.

  8. People spend waaaaaay more money on entertainment like expensive dinners or 3d movies plus popcorn. This is your entertainment and more importantly priceless joy! Shop on!

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