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Hidden Halloween Clearance: Toddler Mickey Mouse Hoodie $1.50

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Halloween mickey mouse

Check the toddler department for these Mickey Mouse sweatshirts, they are ringing up 90% off. The retail for $15.00, but ring up at $1.50.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.26.21 PM

You may also want to check for these Ninja Turtle Hoodies, turns out they are ringing up at $1.50 too.

Thanks Audrey, Vanessa & Elizabeth!

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  1. Oh someone please, please,please post the DPCI number, ie., the Target product id, it is located on the receipt next to the item. THANKS in advance.

    1. Thought I would let you know that I did listen to your advice and did not call ahead 🙂 thanks for the tip, it makes total sense.

  2. I was able to find 2 Mickey 1 Turtle the problem is idk what dcpi is what so here are all 3

    033136003, 033136005, 033136010

    hope that helps someone.

  3. Thank you so very much for sharing this deal. I don’t usually find these super deals at my Targets (Long Island) but I stopped on the way home from work today and they had tons of the Mickey sweatshirts. I got 4 of the Mickey ones (one in each size that they had) for my son and one of the Ninja Turtles ones (the last one left). Wish they had these in a little bit bigger sizes (Kids size 4-6) so I could have picked them up for my daughter.

  4. Booo. Saw this post at about 630 and ran to the store. No luck…. I could not find the hoodies at my 2 closest stores :(. Would have loved to get a 4t for my sons bday next week. But I did find a 2 pack of jammies, a couple of the adult shirts someone posted about (thank you!) & found a ninja turtles shirt (just like the men’s posted) in the boys section for .90. Maybe I can try looking at a couple other stores tomorrow. I wonder if they’ll still be ringing up at that price. Thank you!

  5. Thank you, found both hoodies for 90./. Off , they were hanging so low that it took about 15 mins to find where they were hiding , lots of stock in my store , I bought 5 t .

  6. I’d like to thank you so much for posting these. I also had to go to two stores to find them, and only found Mickey. I bought three; one for each of my littles and an extra in a bigger size either for later or for a gift. My store (Lacey, WA) had quite a few, they were mixed in with some other character zip hoodies that were a two piece set with a shirt, I assumed those weren’t on sale, but didn’t check. I was so excited! I kept showing the other shoppers, I think they must have me a bit crazy. Thank you again and again for all your tips.

  7. I bought some for my daughter during 90 off sale, I went today for some gifts and they weren’t in the system but after 3 staff that came over, they adjust the price down to %90 🙂

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