Target: Hungry Hungry Hippos Game only $1.49 (3/20 only)

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Update to this deal:   Many of you have told me that you have been able to price match an item and then use the Cartweel discount.    It has been brought to my attention that Target now has an official policy when it comes to Cartwheel offers and price matching, so the deal should be $4.99 instead of $1.49.   Here is the Target policy.

Target and Cartwheel coupons: Target and Cartwheel coupons will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target and Cartwheel coupon has been deducted, the ad match can be adjusted to match the competitor’s price.

Hungry Hungry Hippos $19.99 (in-store price)
50% off Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game Cartwheel offer (-$10.00)
$5/1 printable coupon
Final Price = $4.99

You would NOT be able to price match, because the new price is $9.99, which is lower than the $12.99 price that is mentioned at Target.com.     I am so sorry for the confusion!!    I will make sure to use this scenario when posting deals in the future.

Here is the deal I previously published:

Today Target has a new Cartwheel offer for 50% off Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game.

You should be able to pick this up for only $1.49, here’s how:

Hungry Hungry Hippos $12.99 (price match at Target.com)
50% off Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game Cartwheel offer (-$6.50)
$5/1 printable coupon
Final Price = $1.49




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  1. The link for the coupon isnt working. Thanks for all the great deals. I picked up quite a bit of craft supplies today along with some other awesome clearance finds.

  2. In the past you could not use cartwheel when you price match at target? Or is different when you match to target.com?

  3. I thought cartwheel had to be applied last after all other discounts? If that was the case it might be $3.98.

  4. Cartwheel is suppose to be the last thing cashiers scan. They are suppose to do coupons first, so it may only come to $4.00.

    1. Even if Cartwheel is scanned last the Cartwheel offer will be deducted before manufacturer coupons and after Target coupons.

  5. Cartwheel is scanned last, but I think it usually takes the amount off the full price if you use a manufacture coupon and off the lower price if you use a target coupon.

  6. Read the cartwheel – it is scanned last and only takes of 50% of the final price after coupons – mine came to $4.

    1. Even if it is scanned last the Cartwheel offer will be deducted before manufacturer coupons and after Target coupons.

  7. I should have looked here before buying it! I was able to get them to price match target.com and then get 50% off. But I didn’t see the coupon. I hope they’ll let me go back tomorrow and use a ‘missed’ coupon! They’re always SO awesome about it! Another reason I LOVE LOVE Target!

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