BlueLounge Electronic Organizational Items at Target + Giveaway worth $170!!

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BlueLounge makes clever and stylish items for home electronics organization.  These fun products are now available at select Target stores nationwide and online at

I was able to try out the BlueLounge products in my home and I have found many of these items are now things I don’t want to live without.   A lot of thought has gone into these innovative products to simplify your life with your electronics.

BlueLounge Kii at Target

My absolute favorite item from the BlueLounge line is the Kii, which allows you to charge and sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod without the need of a cable.   I love that it is lightweight and fits onto my keychain so I can take it with me wherever I go.  Brilliant!   I have used the Kii everyday since I have received it.   I love, love, love it!!   Couldn’t image my life without it.    I think the Kii would make great Christmas gifts, especially for those that are hard to buy for, even teens would love this handy gadget!

BlueLounge Casa

Another product I have been using on a daily basis is the Casa, which is an iPad stand and more.    The Casa can be used to support your tablet either vertically or horizontally.   I use my iPad in the kitchen a lot when I am cooking, because so many of the recipes I used are found online.   I love that the Casa has a place to store items (like my rings when I am making pretzel dough).    This item is handy and clever because there are several different ways you can prop up your tablet.    This is another item I don’t think I can live without.

bluelounge cords

With 6 people in our home and multiple phones, tablets and e-readers we have a drawer that is filled with tangled cords.  There is a good chance you have the same problem at your home too!   BlueLounge makes these these handy little items called CableClips that keep your cords tidy and tangle-free.   Huge sigh of relief from me…no more cord chaos at our house!

BlueLounge also makes the following electronic organizational items:

Rolio – Convert your Apple Lightning Charger into a super portable wall dock. I think this one is great because lots of times my kids will always leave there phones sitting on the floor when they charge them.  This item gets them up and off the floor so they won’t get stepped on.

CableBox Mini – This comes with a 4-socket surge protector to plug in desktop items while keeping the cords out of sight.

Cable Drop & Cable Drop Mini – These keep cables properly positioned and in place.   No more digging behind your desk looking for the cord that fell down.    That happens to me often!

Cool Feet – These lift up your laptop to increase airflow and tilt it so it has an ergonomic angle.

bluelounge giveaway

Giveaway!  One lucky All Things Target reader is going to win one of each of the BlueLounge products that Target carries.   You will win the following:

  • CableBox Mini
  • Rolio
  • Casa
  • Kii
  • Cool Feet
  • Cable Clip (small)
  • Cable Clip (medium)
  • Cable Drop (black)
  • Cable Drop (white)
  • Cable Drop Mini (black)
  • Cable Drop Mini (white)

How to enter: Just leave a comment on this post letting me know which BlueLounge product you are most excited to have in your life.

Giveaway will close on Monday, November 3rd at 9pm PST.   Good luck!

Winner has been chosen & notified via email. Congrats goes to Angie!


The Kii for sure!!! Cable clips would also help organize my children’s electronics cords. 🙂

I was provided with BlueLounge products and compensated for my time.   All opinions are my own and are honest.

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  1. I love all these products! But I can definitely see how the Rolio will simplify my life. I no longer have to worry about tangled cables.

  2. I would definitely get a ton of use out of the Kii! I had no idea they had something like that! How neat!!

  3. The Kii, Casa, and Cool Feet all sound great–but the Kii is the one that would wow my whole family.

  4. I think the Kii appears to be the most useful and exciting at the same time. Very common for people to forget their power cord, so much so that hotels often have extras available to use. Brilliant product.

  5. The CableClips will definitely cut down on the clutter in my already disorganized electronics drawer.

  6. I’m most excited about CableClips. Cables have taken over my house. I think even my kids would use that.

  7. Oh my gosh, I am so excited about so many of these. I can hardly wait to go to Target to buy some of these for Xmas gifts (and perhaps a few for myself, too). My favorite would definitely be…the kii – so very convenient!!

  8. Those cable drop gizmos would be great not only for keeping cables from dropping off the edge of the [desk] world but for keeping them tidy on my desk by routing them hither and yon…hmmm….do they come in bulk?

  9. I need a Kii! Make that 2 because i know my husband would steal it from me! My iPad charger is currently lost so maybe I’ll be able to keep track of a Kii better! 🙂

  10. I would love to have the Casa for my son’s iPad. I constantly find his iPad propped up with pillows and various other household items because he doesn’t have a stand!

  11. The Kii and Cable Box Mini! I hate hate hate clutter on my desk, so this would be perfect!

  12. The Kii…no cable sounds wonderful. The clips would be super helpful too. The tangle of cords is always a huge mess.

  13. The Rolio would be great! We have a charger in the kitchen and the cord is always laying out on the counter plus I’m always afraid of spilling something on whatever is charging.

  14. I’m so excited! I have recently discovered this line and can’t wait to get a Kii for my iPhone as well as learn about the rest of the line!!!

  15. Several look cool and useful, but the Kii sound the most awesome! Thanks for the reviews and the giveaway!

  16. I think both the Kii and Casa are so cool! Both would be equally handy for me. All sound like great new products.

  17. Wow, what a fabulous giveaway! The Casa is my favorite – recipe viewing AND a place to store little goodies while creating, what could be better. Although the Kii was a very close second 😉

  18. The Kii! As I reply on my iphone with low battery bc I didn’t expect to be out all day & didn’t bring a cable…

  19. The Kii would be awesome! And the clips, I am in dire need of keeping all our cords organized!

  20. I would LOVE to win this amazing giveaway! The Kii would be awesome, since I am always on the go.

  21. Kii!!!
    No question about it I’m constantly on my phone and needing to charge it. LOVE the idea of not needing to be near an outlet…you’re right I might need to add this to Christmas ideas for my kiddos and hubby!

  22. The Cool Feet would be great! I spend way too much time on my laptop and it gets way too hot 🙂

  23. The Kii sounds pretty handy, but I think I’d also get a lot of use from the CableBox Mini to hide all the cords.

  24. The Kii sounds awesome. I love BlueLounge products but why have I never heard of this before?? I need this!!

  25. I definitely need those cable clips! The back of my desk is so disorganized and looks like cable spaghetti!

  26. The kii certainly sounds amazing. With 3 little girls and a baby boy due at Thanksguving, the less cords the better!!!!

  27. I think practical me would love the kii however neat freak me would be in love with the cable drops.
    Will definitely be the investing in these nifty items.

  28. The kii sounds awesome. Never heard of these products before but now I’m going to have to check them out!

  29. The cablebox mini. My husband has so many wires and I hate see them pugged up and I sometimes even trip on them! The other organizers sound like great products to have too!

  30. Oh, these all sound great. I think the Kii would be a great gift for all the young adults around our house!!!

  31. I’ve been using the cable clips for years — I got them as a graduation gift and replenish my stock (and buy for grads!) each year! I would love to try out the Kii though. Thanks for a good giveaway! – Nicole

  32. The cool feet would be great for keeping the laptop cool!! The cable box also looks neat! Such nice products!

  33. I would love the Rolio to get rid of all those charging cables. But I love all of these items. What great products!

  34. I’m most excited with the casa! It’ll allow me to be hands free and I love that it has storage space.

  35. The Cable Drops are exactly what my household needs to prevent having to reach down and look for the charging cord!!!

  36. I need a Casa in my life! I always struggle to prop up my tablet on whatever is handy in the kitchen…often tipping over or spilling things in the process. The Casa would be the answer to this nightmare!

  37. With every product that this post introduced, I kept saying ‘OMG that’s exactly what I need’. So I doubt I pick just one. First I am hearing of this brand and line of products. Cool cable organizers are so cool. My entertainment unit is a MESS! Very neat products.

  38. Casa! I love how it can store/hide things behind the iPad. My kids would get distracted by the iPad and leave whatever in the box (most likely my rings and other daily jewelry) alone.

  39. OH my goodness! I want them all!!! With such a small office and cords everywhere. This would make my life sooo much easier. For sure can’t wait get my hands on some clips and the drop mini. Definitely need those!

  40. The cable clips! My husband is a video editor and has DOZENS of cables throughout our house. It’s like they’re reproducing! Any type of organization would be so appreciated.

  41. That Kii looks really great! I would love to it a try. Think it would be great for my husband too!

  42. would love the Cable Drop & Cable Drop Mini . I’m always on the floor looking for my cord….grrrr

  43. The Cool Feet and Kii would be awesome!! I am always on my laptop and it sure gets hot after several hours on it and at the same time I can charge my IPod.

  44. Great products, stuff I think I can live without but if I had it in my life I would probably be grateful! Fingers crossed! I would really benefit from the cable straps/organizers!

  45. I think the Kii and the stand would be the most exciting. I have been wanting a tablet stand forever for the kitchen!

  46. The Kii sounds like a life saver. I always seem to need to charge my phone when I’m out and about.

  47. Such a brilliant collection. I would love the cable drop and cool feet. The casa is perfect as well.

  48. The Kii sounds awesome. The portable charger I use now has cords. This seems much more convenient! Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. The Kii is what I must have. It will save me so much time and productivity. Thanks for the previews.

  50. the Kii sounds like a great idea. Cords always bend and break inside and are very messy…Kii would be my choice to try!

  51. Cable clips in my purse!! No more wire tangled around my wallet, cell and papers.

  52. All these products look like they are must haves for me and my family, but the cable clips would really help organize the tangle of various cords that snake everywhere in my house. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  53. It all looks cool but that Rolio is a really neat idea!! I hate leaving my phone just sitting on the ground next to an outlet and this looks like the perfect solution!

  54. I am liking the Casa, as I too, love to cook and most of my recipes are located on my computer. I really love the idea it has a place for my rings when I take them off. 😀

  55. The Kii is going to make a great gift for my brother who loves to take photos on his iPhone.

  56. I am so excited about all of these! The Rolio excites me the most because, as a naturally clumsy person, I somehow always manage to trip on my iPhone cord when my phone is charging and laying on the floor! The Rolio may save me from a few bruises! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity 😉

  57. I absolutely love the Casa and it would be so great to have for cooking! I use my iPad almost every day to try a new meal and like you said, this would be a great place to put my rings while I’m cooking!! I also love the cable box and cords, such great products for organization!!!!!

  58. I would use the Casa iPad stand daily! Especially in the kitchen while prepping my quick weeknight meals!

  59. The kii for sure – an extra charge after a day of surfing and looking for Target deals is a must!

  60. Wow! All the products seem so practical! Would love the Cablebox Mini for the home office space and the Casa for the kitchen.

  61. I have to chose just one!?! Wow! I’m SO glad you brought this to my attention. I didn’t have a clue about these products and could easily use/test each one and share the news further. Certainly, the Kii seems too good to be true. Seriously, wireless? Cable Clips will be WAY cooler than my wire ties I use on my garbage bags. And, the Casa will allow me to use my iPad more in the kitchen than constantly printing out my recipes, which I know I need to stop doing. Oh, Please pick me! If these truly work I will be buying them for my friends that have everything already. Yay!

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