Baby Cheapskate: Target Baby & Kid Deals every Tuesday + so much more!!

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Every Tuesday, I share some of the best Target baby and kids deals over at Baby Cheapskate.   You can check out this week’s deals HERE.

If you have little ones or are expecting make sure you check out all of the great deals over at Baby Cheapskate, Angie has put together a site that is a great resource for parents who are looking to save money on all things baby (and kids too). You can also follow along with Baby Cheapskate on Facebook.

Here are just a few of the great features over at Baby Cheapskate:

Top Diaper & Formula Deals of the Week – Each and every week you will find the best prices on diapers and formula at many different stores, they also highlight the deals that are stock up prices (A Stockupportunity!)

Great articles on Frugal Living when it comes to Babies & Kids 

Toys that get Played With – There is a whole series on some of the best toys for kids, these are the ones that get great reviews and that kids will play with on a regular basis.  I love this series!  I want to make sure that my money is going towards toys that I know will be well loved.

If you want some great money-saving tips in book form, make sure you check out Angie’s book The Baby Cheapskate Guide to Bargains: How to Save on Blankets, Bottles, and Everything Baby (via Amazon).

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