140 Personalized Labels for $5 Shipped

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Vistaprint is currently offering 140 customized labels for only $5 shipped, that’s only $.04 per label.    This offer ends  July 28, 2013, so you will need to place your order soon

Since these can be customized, you can make any variation of labels you want.  You can make them for envelopes, school supplies & more.

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If you make labels for “back-to-scool” you can label your kids folders, lunch box, supplies and so much more.   I made some once for our books, because we loan lots of them out to friends and family.   This way we can make sure they make it back to us.

Head on over to create your own personalized labels.

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  1. finally ordered some… wow jump thru all the hoops to skip all the extra things you don’t need and you got a nice deal 🙂

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