10% off Target Gift Cards – Sunday, December 2nd

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Sunday, December 2nd, Target gift cards will be 10% off both in-store and online.   You can buy a maximum of $300 worth of gift cards, you can buy multiple gift cards or buy one large one.  I always use this sale to buy a $300 gift card for myself to use it on my Target purchases throughout the year.  This way I am saving 10% off my purchases, instead of just the 5% with my Target REDcard. Of course, if gift cards make great gifts too, it’s a great time to pick some of for your kid’s teachers. When purchasing online you can choose actual gift cards or e-gift cards. The gift cards won’t be activated until the following day at 10 am Central.

There won’t be any additional discounts on this deal, 10% off is the best we’ll get. Target gift cards are excluded from the 5% REDcard discount and the 20% off coupon many of you earned on Black Friday excludes gift cards too.

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  1. If I buy the gift card at 10% off, go back the next day and use my 20% off coupon on groceries will it let me pay with the gift card I purchased the day before? If it will then that might be a way to save 30%.

      1. You can use the 20% off coupon and pay for it on Monday with the gift cards you bought for 10% off. Technically it works out to 28% off that way!

  2. Last year when i tried to purchase later in the day Target had already run out of gift cards, even online, so today i made half of the online purchases upon rising this morning. When i returned to purchase more around 10am, many of the gift card selections were no longer available. [i order the brick and mortar gift cards that arrive in the mail, not the texted or emailed gift cards.] i was able to buy $600 worth by using two different credit cards.

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