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Target: Valentines Clearance now 70/50% off

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target 70 off

I have heard from several people that the valentine’s clearance is now 70% off at Target. The candy and food is 50% off. As usual, we would LOVE to see photos of your clearance finds, you can share them any of the following ways:

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  1. Store in Hawaii was picked through well but still able to find some stuff. Three cupcake stands for $5.29 each (a little higher than mainland) at 70 off, tons of cocktail napkins for $0.30 each tons of socks, hair clips and girls tights. Also sim fun twisted straws, valentines crayons and heart shaped frames for all 70 % off!! Did see the Sofia the first, lalaloopsi and city Lego but did not bite. All scanned at 70. Might get it if it goes to 90 but not a big deal if I don’t. I did speak with a Team member today and he said he was pretty sure they will not drop to 90 this year. I grabbed as much as possible and panicked!!….yikes! He also said Easter displays will start this Wednesday! I’m thinking slim chance of 90 on Wednesday if anything. Fingers crossed!

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