New 2023 Starbucks Release

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Happy Day! Starbucks released some new drinkware and I am here for it! I found everything from gorgeous tumblers, water bottles, mugs and more. There are so many pretty colors and patterns to choose from! As always, this new line includes the popular color changing reusable cups. 

If you really love one of these styles, I suggest you buy it now as these won’t last long! The floral tall tumbler is my fave!! Here is a peek at some of the newest cups, mugs and tumblers I spotted.

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  1. Starbucks does 6-8 promotional cycles a year which are 6-8 weeks in length. Each promotional cycle has 2-3 “chapters” with are usually 2ish weeks apart (though there’s no set rule or standard except that they will almost always drop on a Tuesday). Chapter 1 will see the largest portion of new merchandise at the beginning of the cycle then you’ll see 2+ new merch. SKU’s released during the other chapters in the cycle. Some chapters may be licensee specific (ie exclusive to Target, Kroger, or Albertsons; (Kroger and Albertsons each operate under many banners ie Safeway, Ralphs, Vons, etc. )). Since Monday’s are when managers handle administrative tasks for the week and Thursday through Sunday are typically the busiest days for Starbucks, promotional cycles and chapters almost always start on a Tuesday with few exceptions. Some stores may begin to do their promotional set before close on Monday if time allows, though some partners will refuse to sell you the new merchandise even though it’s on the shelf. While Starbucks does not make its promotional calendar public, its hard to not have leaks when you have so many people involved in their execution, which means about 1-2 weeks before a new promo cycle is set to begin you’ll find information about it leaked online which usually includes the date the cycle and chapters start. Also, if hear about a new beverage that’s about to be released, those are the main driver of the promotional cycles, which means when that beverage is released so is the cycles merchandise. Hope this helps.

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