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I’ve received quite a few new visitors today.  Welcome!   If you are visiting All Things Target for the first time please leave a comment letting us know how you heard about us.   We are happy to have you here!

I am an avid Target shopper that loves to save money.  Here is what you will find at All Things Target:

Target Weekly Coupon Match-Ups

Every week I post Target coupon match-ups that will help you to save money at Target and get items for cheap and even FREE.   Target allow you to use one Target coupon, one manufacturer coupon and a Cartwheel offer on an item, so it can add up to some big savings.

One of my favorite ways to save money shopping at Target is with their clearance. Target has a method for marking down their clearance items, once you learn their system it makes it very easy to find items you need. Make sure you check out all of these clearance posts:

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.53.51 PM

I often share mine and other readers shopping trips. Here is an what I picked up at Target back in July. I spent $6 and saved $68, you can check out all the info of the shopping trip HERE. Keep in mind these deals are no longer valid, but it does give you an idea of the savings you can achieve when you shop clearance and with coupons.

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Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

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  1. Hi, I came by here because of a Yahoo page (10 ways to save money at Target). Plus recently I saw this woman in front of me at Target buying a ton of stuff that rang up to a total of 70+ bucks (close to 80), but she paid only 11 using coupons and gift cards. It’s one thing to hear about money saving deals, it’s another to witness it!

  2. Hello. I clicked the link to your blog on a yahoo page about saving money at Target. Im obsessed with Target so I will definitely be visiting often. Cant wait to look around! 🙂

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