Weekly Target Clearance Update (The Hawaiian Edition)

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Aloha friends! I decided to go to a different Target store, so this week the Target clearance finds are coming to you from the Honolulu Hawaii store  . Please keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location.

They had stacks of the Tinkerbell Leap Pad books at 70% off.

I found Hawaiian framed artwork at 70% off.

I saw a row of shoes that had a sign that said 30% off.   I never believe those signs, because quite often you will find items that have been marked down lower than the sign says.

Sure enough, the majority of the shoes on this row were marked down to 70% off, not 30% off like the sign says.   It pays to check the stickers and not just believe the signs.

If you are in Hawaii and need to find your way around, you can pick up some maps at 50% off.

They had a couple different models of TV’s on clearance at 15% off.   I found the same at my stores back home in Washington last week too.

I found a big Wall ‘O Diapers all marked down to 15% off.   It’s rare that the diapers make it past 30% off.

They also had an end cap filled with clearance Quaker granola bars that I mentioned earlier in the week.

I am noticing a large amount of clothing on clearance in every department.   There are several rack of items 30%-50% in the toddler infant section.

The girls department has quite a few racks of clearance clothing as well.

I even noticed a lot of clearance in the men’s department, I saw a rack or two at 70% off.

The largest selection of clearance clothing is definitely in the women’s department, there are rack after rack after rack of clearance clothing.

You can possibly pick yourself up a Hello Kitty shirt at 70% off.

Let us know what great clearance deals you are finding at your Target this week!

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  1. Those Franko’s maps are THE BEST. We got the giant laminated version when we went to Maui and we used it at least 20 times a day! They have so many neat facts and tidbits on what to do and where to go and what it’s like at each location! So helpful. If you don’t have one, get one!

  2. Laminated maps are great for the kids in the car too. Just bring along dry erase crayons and they can mark the route.

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