New Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Detergent Works Great + $2/2 Printable Coupon

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Tide Simple Clean & Fresh

I have four sons, which means I do a ton of laundry!   Their laundry is filled with odors, grass stains, dirt, and more.    One of my boys works at a fast food restaurant and he comes home from work with his clothes smelling like grease.   That grease smell is so hard to take out of his clothes.  The grease smell seems to just work it’s way into the clothes and it won’t come out.

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh is a new detergent from Tide that works great at cleaning and removing odor to make sure your clothes smell fresh and clean.  Tide Simply Clean & Fresh has 2X the cleaning and odor-fighting powder of the leading detergent with baking soda.   The detergent doesn’t cover up the odors, it gets deep down into the fibers of the garment.

dirty shirts

I had the opportunity to give Tide Simply Clean & Fresh a try on my son’s dirty work clothes.    The first thing I noticed was the great scent.    Tide Simple Clean & Fresh comes in 2 great scents,  Refreshing Breeze and Daybreak Fresh.    I’ve always thought Tide detergent has the best smells and the great smell lasts too.    Tide Simply Clean & Fresh worked wonders on my son’s grease scented clothes.    They came out smelling fresh and clean after one load.   In the past, the grease smell would still linger after they clothes had been washed.    I am very pleased!

One of the great things about the new Tide is that it is reasonably priced, most stores should have the Tide Simply Clean & Fresh priced around $4.99-$5.99 for a 50 oz bottle.    It’s available nationwide, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding it at your favorite store.

$2.00 off TWO Tide Detergents or Tide Boost

You can currently print a $2/2 coupon for Tide detergent to help you save a little more on this great new detergent.

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  1. I love this tide been using it for awhile now and it really makes the clothes smell clean my husband works in the oilfield and it works taking out the smell of oil and work I also use it on the sheets my kids get dirty when they are really sick and sometimes have an accident in bed(I think all moms know what kind of accidents

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