Target: Women’s Accessories Clearance 70% off

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While I was at Target yesterday, I noticed a good portion of the women’s accessories had been marked down to 70% off. Here are some examples of the deals I found.

Belts for $4.48

Scarves for $4.48

Hats for $5.08

Bags for $8.98

Wallets for $4.48

Make sure you keep an eye on this department, they are clearing out quite a few items to make way for the new spring looks.

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  1. I just had a unrelated question. I was in my target and noticed the clearance toy isle was gone. I could see where they were getting ready to prep it for new items. I checked the endcaps too and nothing was there. I noticed in the actual toy isles nerf guns and a few other toys marked down. Do you think they salvaged the rest of the clearanced toys? How much longer will they be clearancing off their stuff? Thank you for reading. In my target alot of baby clothes were 70 off. Shoes and shoe laces too.

    1. Yes, the items from the big toy clearance were probably salvaged by now. They clearance items all year long, so you will always find new items on clearance. They just clear out larger amounts of items in January and July because that is when the biggest change in seasons occur.

  2. Hi,

    I totally forgot about that section today. I got a pillow I’d been looking at for 3 months and it was 50% off today. yay!

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